SK Telecom and Singtel Collaborate on Advancing Next-Generation Telco Technology and Solutions

Singtel and SK Telecom have announced a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at advancing next-generation telecommunications networks to drive innovation, enhance network performance, ensure security, and deliver superior customer experiences over the next two years. This collaboration will focus on leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), orchestration tools, and deepening expertise in network virtualization to lay the groundwork for future technologies including 6G.

Mr. Kang Jong-ryeol, Head of ICT Infra at SK Telecom, emphasized, “The partnership between SKT and Singtel represents a significant milestone in shaping the future of the global telecommunications industry.” He highlighted their joint efforts to achieve breakthroughs in 6G and AI infrastructure by integrating their respective strengths.

The collaboration will also see the development of innovative solutions to elevate network capabilities, such as Edge-AI Infrastructure. This initiative aims to reduce cloud-based computational loads through edge computing, enabling faster AI inference and enhancing connectivity. These advancements are expected to improve overall customer experiences by offering unique AI services and quicker service restoration.

Ms. Anna Yip, Deputy CEO and CEO Business Development at Singtel, expressed their commitment to harnessing the full potential of 5G technology, particularly in network slicing and AI integration. She underscored their goal to enhance customer experiences, drive industry innovation, and prepare for the evolution towards 6G.

Key areas of collaboration under the MoU include:

  • Developing enhanced network slicing capabilities to meet diverse industry demands effectively.
  • Utilizing Singtel’s scalable telco cloud for agile network components across core, transport, and radio access networks, aiming for fully-disaggregated mobile networks.
  • Jointly developing standardized telco APIs and an Open Gateway to accelerate service development in fintech, identity, smart mobility, gaming, and Web3.
  • Building efficient orchestration platforms like Singtel CUBE to manage multiple services and vendors, enhancing automation and service delivery.
  • Exploring automation and AI applications to boost operational efficiency and service responsiveness, setting the stage for future 6G networks.

SK Telecom and Singtel are also active members of the Global Telco AI Alliance, collaborating with other industry leaders to accelerate AI-driven transformations and develop new business models tailored to telco needs.

Singtel has demonstrated its 5G leadership globally, achieving nationwide 5G Standalone coverage in 2022 and commercial deployments of network slicing at major events. For more details on Singtel’s 5G advancements, refer to Annex A.

This collaboration between SK Telecom and Singtel aims to reinforce their positions as leaders in telecommunications innovation, paving the way for next-generation technologies and enhanced customer experiences.

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