Universal Robots Achieves Milestone: Over 500 Innovative Products in Expanding Ecosystem

Universal Robots, the Danish pioneer in collaborative robotics (cobots), has achieved a significant milestone by launching over 500 products within its UR+ ecosystem. Initially introduced in 2016, the UR+ ecosystem was conceived to transform Universal Robots (UR) into an open-source-like platform, empowering developers to create pioneering solutions. Today, this ecosystem offers a comprehensive array of components, kits, applications, and solutions encompassing both hardware and software, tailored to diverse customer requirements.

Kim Povlsen, President of Universal Robots, emphasized the collaborative nature that underpins their success: “Universal Robots is built on collaboration, and reaching this milestone underscores our position as the preferred platform in collaborative robotics. Our ecosystem boasts a diverse array of partner companies, ranging from innovative startups to established brands. It continues to evolve as a versatile and expansive resource.”

The UR+ ecosystem spans from basic components like grippers to comprehensive solutions for complex tasks such as palletizing and welding. Notably, there has been a notable trend towards offering turnkey solutions within the ecosystem, catering to prevalent automation needs.

Additionally, the ecosystem has witnessed rapid growth in AI-driven applications and solutions, reflecting a broader industry trend towards integrating artificial intelligence. Universal Robots has also introduced new products compatible with its latest generation of heavy payload cobots.

“As our ecosystem expands at an accelerated pace, driven by advancements in physical AI, we anticipate continuous additions of groundbreaking innovations,” noted Povlsen. “At UR, our mission revolves around empowering customers with accessible technology choices and, alongside our partners, continuously pushing the boundaries of automation simplicity and capability.

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