Successful Completion of Fresh Mississippi River Crossing by Bluebird Network

Bluebird Network, an esteemed communications infrastructure provider managing over 11,000 miles of fiber and operating two data centers, proudly declares the successful completion of a cutting-edge fiber optic river crossing positioned 100 feet beneath the Mississippi River. This significant infrastructure achievement establishes a seamless connection between the west bank of St. Louis and the east bank of Illinois.

In a strategic collaboration, Bluebird Network has teamed up with a major hyperscaler and a prominent social media company, citing Bluebird’s stellar reputation in the Midwest market and its unparalleled capability to have full control over its own fiber network.

According to Jamie Scott, Director of Outside Plant Engineering at Bluebird Network, having control over their own fiber in a new or existing market provides network providers with a distinct advantage. Scott emphasizes that this not only positively impacts their business model and shareholders but also benefits their end-users.

The completion of this project involved meticulous efforts to safeguard indigenous rights. Bluebird Network collaborated with geotechnical engineering firms specializing in long-distance bores, boring companies, splicing and data contractors, and archaeologists to ensure that the indigenous history in the vicinity of the boring site remained undisturbed.

Michael Morey, President and CEO of Bluebird Network, underscores the enormous value of the diversity and redundancy offered by this unique underground crossing. He expresses pride in Bluebird’s distinctive position in the market, emphasizing the company’s commitment to supporting customers in achieving their goals.

This project serves as a testament to Bluebird’s capability to deliver high-quality work for one of the world’s largest communications and technology firms. Additionally, Bluebird looks forward to its upcoming National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) grant-supported long-haul route connecting St. Louis and Tulsa. This project, designed to meet the future needs of the industry, boasts a substantial fiber capacity between major metros, although the specific capacity remains undisclosed.

Jamie Scott expresses enthusiasm about being part of such a groundbreaking project and the team responsible for its success. Looking ahead, Bluebird Network is poised to embark on its next major endeavor—constructing a new fiber route from St. Louis to Tulsa.

This new fiber pathway will not only strengthen the connection between the two cities but also facilitate connectivity into underserved areas across Missouri and Oklahoma along this route. Furthermore, it will enhance connectivity into the Bluebird Underground Data Center in Springfield, MO, solidifying Bluebird Network’s commitment to advancing and fortifying communication infrastructure in the region.

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