Telenor, Hafslund, HitecVision Invest 2.4bn NOK in Oslo Data Center

Amidst the current global geopolitical landscape and the surge of the AI revolution, the imperative for secure data storage facilities on Norwegian grounds has intensified. Telenor, Hafslund, and HitecVision have embarked on a groundbreaking initiative by appointing a seasoned security expert from the Norwegian Communications Authority as the CEO of their joint venture, christened Skygard. This strategic collaboration marks a significant step towards fortifying Norway’s digital infrastructure against emerging threats.

With an initial investment of NOK 2.4 billion, the consortium underscores its commitment to establishing cutting-edge data centers prioritizing security and sustainability. Jannicke Hilland, Chair of the Board of Skygard and Executive Vice President for Infrastructure at Telenor, expresses pride in this endeavor, citing the pressing need for secure solutions amidst geopolitical tensions and escalating market demands.

The inaugural data center, slated for construction in Oslo’s Hovinbyen, signifies the commencement of Skygard’s mission. Telenor Norway leads as the anchor customer, with Skygard actively engaging prospective clients. Elise Lindeberg, appointed as the helm of Skygard, brings a wealth of experience in security and emergency management, positioning the venture as a formidable contender in the global arena.

Distinguishing itself with Norwegian ownership, an eco-conscious operational model, and a staunch commitment to meeting stringent security prerequisites, Skygard emerges as a beacon in the data center landscape. Lindeberg emphasizes the pivotal role of digitization across sectors, affirming her dedication to Skygard’s vision.

In a bid to address energy efficiency, Skygard’s Hovinbyen facility aims to be Norway’s most sustainable data center, harnessing surplus heat for district heating. Martin S. Lundby, Board Member of Skygard and Deputy CEO of Hafslund, underscores the pivotal role of environmental stewardship in catering to customer demands.

Moreover, Telenor’s collaboration with Nvidia in the realm of artificial intelligence promises to further bolster Skygard’s capabilities. Hilland envisions Norwegian-owned cloud platforms operating on native soil, poised to deliver advanced and secure solutions, thereby amplifying Skygard’s efficacy.

As the Hovinbyen center gears up for operational launch in early 2025, Skygard sets its sights on expanding its footprint with two additional data centers in the capital region. Upon completion, these facilities are poised to collectively offer a staggering capacity of 40MW, cementing Skygard’s position as a cornerstone of Norway’s digital infrastructure.

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