Telefónica Tech Digitalizes Santiago’s Public Lighting

Ferrovial and Endesa X’s joint venture has partnered with Telefónica Tech to spearhead the digitalization of public lighting in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. This collaboration marks a significant step in the maintenance and supply project aimed at enhancing outdoor public lighting in the Galician municipality.

The initiative sees Telefónica Tech, in conjunction with Tellink, deploying its intelligent lighting solution. This innovative system enables Ferrovial and Endesa X to remotely manage LED luminaires, fostering efficiency improvements and energy savings. Over 10,000 nodes with NB-IoT connectivity, crafted by Tellink, are being deployed across various streetlights in the municipality. These nodes monitor operational status, promptly report any malfunctions, and relay gathered data to an advanced software platform for comprehensive analysis and management.

The new smart LED lighting system in Santiago de Compostela is highly adaptable to the specific needs of the municipality. Leveraging Telefónica Tech’s technological prowess, the consortium gains the ability to remotely control individual streetlights, adjust light intensity levels at night, and tailor lighting for special events seamlessly.

Integrating intelligence into the luminaires not only enhances energy efficiency but also streamlines maintenance tasks and installation management. By closely monitoring consumption and promptly addressing deviations, the system is primed to detect and rectify potential lighting failures before they impact residents.

Alfredo Serret, Global Director of IoT at Telefónica Tech, emphasized the transformative impact of their remote luminaire management solution. Serret stated, “Our solution empowers public lighting with intelligence, delivering substantial efficiencies alongside LED technology, thus fostering urban sustainability. Ultimately, it heralds a shift towards the Smart City paradigm, where interconnected elements collaborate to deliver enhanced services to citizens.”

Dionisio Martínez, CEO of Tellink, expressed pride in contributing expertise to the project. Martínez highlighted the focus on responsible and sustainable outdoor lighting, endorsing initiatives like Slowlight. Tellink’s intelligent lighting control systems not only enhance user experience but also assist municipalities in cost reduction and sustainability endeavors.

Telefónica Tech’s smart lighting solution has earned recognition with Telefónica’s Eco Smart seal, verified by AENOR, underscoring its environmental benefits. Presently, approximately 60% of Telefónica Tech’s services boast this distinction, reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

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