Singtel Launches Paragon-S for Satellite Operator Digital Transformation

Singtel has unveiled Paragon-S, an innovative digital aggregation and orchestration platform, at the prestigious Satellite 2024 Conference & Exhibition in Washington, D.C. Designed to revolutionize satellite operations, Paragon-S represents a significant leap forward in digital transformation within the industry.

Setting a new standard as the first all-in-one orchestration platform for satellite operators, Paragon-S offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities aimed at enhancing resilience and optimizing costs. By seamlessly integrating multiple orbit satellites with terrestrial fixed and mobile network connectivity services, the platform opens up new avenues for revenue generation through cutting-edge technologies such as edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI).

Drawing upon Singtel’s expertise and patented technology, Paragon-S builds upon the success of the award-winning Paragon platform deployed across five countries. With a focus on accelerating the monetization of networks, compute, and applications for telcos, Paragon-S extends this capability to satellite operators, empowering them to offer edge computing solutions to enterprise customers. This allows for the hosting of mission-critical applications either on-premise, at remote sites, or through multi-tenanted edge clouds.

Moreover, Paragon-S facilitates strategic partnerships between satellite operators and terrestrial network providers, offering bundled solutions that enable seamless switching between different network technologies to optimize cost, resilience, and connectivity performance. Through the Paragon ecosystem, satellite operators can offer turnkey solutions tailored to various industry verticals such as oil and gas, mining, maritime, and aviation.

Bill Chang, CEO of Singtel’s Digital InfraCo unit, highlighted the transformative potential of Paragon-S, emphasizing the need for a multi-network orchestration platform to drive digital transformation within the satellite industry. He underscored the platform’s role in empowering satellite operators to become platform companies for enterprises, facilitating the development and deployment of industry-specific use cases at scale.

Paragon-S unlocks a myriad of benefits for satellite operators, including multi-orbit switching for contiguous coverage in remote areas, enhanced connectivity resilience, backhaul optimization, satellite data analytics, and significant cost savings. Singtel’s own satellite operations will leverage Paragon-S to streamline management and orchestration of multiple orbit satellites and terrestrial mobile network services, driving greater efficiencies and enabling the delivery of innovative services to customers embarking on their digitalization journey.

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