TOTEM Brings 5G to Grand Paris Express Line 15 South

TOTEM France CEO, Thierry Papin, has announced the commencement of TOTEM’s 5G deployment within the tunnels of the upcoming “Line 15 South” of the Grand Paris Express. By the culmination of 2025, TOTEM aims to have seamlessly connected the entire stretch of “Line 15 South” with 5G technology. This deployment will facilitate all operators in efficiently catering to the connectivity needs of passengers both aboard the trains and on the platforms along the future line. Once completed, this initiative will mark the inception of the first fully 5G-connected Grand Paris Express line within the Parisian metro system.

This endeavor involves intricate technical operations. Recently, TOTEM initiated the installation of approximately 1,000 pieces of 5G equipment across the 16 stations and 33 kilometers of the forthcoming “Line 15 South” of the new Parisian metro system. The teams at Société des Grands Projets, the developers of the Grand Paris Express, seamlessly integrated this significant industrial project into the blueprint of the future metro line, ensuring its complete connectivity.

Deploying a 5G mobile network within metro tunnels poses substantial technical challenges. These spaces are characterized by high densities of people, constant movements, and thick walls that are impermeable to waves. TOTEM is undertaking the deployment of this shared 5G network for all operators, meticulously navigating the technical constraints of the tunnels and addressing the distinct mobile coverage requirements of each operator.

The demand for indoor connectivity is burgeoning, with 80% of connectivity being utilized indoors. TOTEM has emerged as the frontrunner TowerCo in this market, facilitating connectivity in underground transportation, stadiums, concert halls, and shopping malls.

Thierry Papin underscores the significance of indoor connectivity for transportation stakeholders. He emphasizes that TOTEM’s operational deployment of 5G within the tunnels and stations of the future Line 15 South of the Grand Paris Express stands as a pivotal industrial project. Papin commends the collaborative efforts with Société des Grands Projets in realizing this project, which will greatly benefit the residents of the Île-de-France region.

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