True Digital Park and VEKIN Collaborate to Empower Thai Startups in Climate Tech, Drive Carbon Neutral Event Trend

True Digital Park (TDPK), Southeast Asia’s largest tech and startup hub under the leadership of Mr. Thanasorn Jaidee, President, is making significant strides in supporting Climate Tech startups. Partnering with VEKIN (Thailand) Co., Ltd., led by Dr. Sakayong Patanavekin, CEO, True Digital Park is enhancing its event space services with the introduction of the Carbon Neutral Events Service. This initiative marks Thailand’s pioneering effort to promote environmental consciousness among event organizers.

The collaboration aims to enable net-zero carbon emissions from events held at True Digital Park, leveraging Thailand’s first carbon-neutral events service. By integrating comprehensive event space solutions, True Digital Park encourages organizations to play a pivotal role in addressing global warming. This initiative seeks to foster partnerships across sectors, driving Thailand towards achieving its Net Zero goals and promoting sustainability.

Mr. Thanasorn Jaidee emphasized, “True Digital Park is committed to nurturing startups by leveraging our robust ecosystem and technological innovation. Our partnership with VEKIN represents a significant step towards deploying climate technology and advancing our mission to support startup growth.”

Dr. Sakayong Patanavekin added, “VEKIN specializes in environmental and sustainability innovations, utilizing advanced technology to help Thailand reach its Net Zero targets. Through our collaboration with True Digital Park, the Carbon Neutral Events Service transforms various event types into opportunities to combat global warming, while enhancing the competitiveness of Thailand’s MICE industry.”

Recognizing the environmental impact of events, Mr. Thanasorn highlighted the service’s role in raising awareness and providing carbon assessment and offset solutions. The initiative includes automated greenhouse gas tracking and engages stakeholders in emissions reduction efforts, aligning event management practices with sustainability agendas.

The Carbon Neutral Events Service simplifies the organization of eco-friendly events by offering carbon footprint assessments, offset services, real-time data visualization, and certification through the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO). This comprehensive approach not only supports organizations in achieving sustainability goals but also enhances their reputation as responsible entities.

By hosting events at True Digital Park, organizations can actively contribute to combating climate change through participation in the Carbon Neutral Events Service.

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