True Corporation Backs Government Initiative to Transform Korat into a Future Digital Metropolis

True Corporation is supporting the government’s vision to transform Thailand into a Digital Economy Hub by showcasing its digital innovations that enhance modern living and introduce health services for digital lifestyles via the Mordee app. This initiative was highlighted at the “Digital Korat: The Future Starts Now – Korat, the Digital Metropolis of the Future” workshop held at the Nong Rawiang Educational Center, Rajamangala University of Technology Isan, in Nakhon Ratchasima Province on July 1, 2024.

Prime Minister Settha Thavisin, Minister of Digital Economy and Society Prasert Jantarawongthong, and Dr. Prommin Lertsuridej, Secretary-General to the Prime Minister, visited the True Corporation booth. They were welcomed by Mr. Lertrat Ratananukul, Head of State Affairs, and Mr. At Arunrattanapong, Head of Regional Management, Northeast 1, True Corporation Plc., who guided them through the digital innovations on display. These innovations underscore True Corporation’s commitment to improving the quality of life for Thais through the development of True Smart Living digital solutions. This effort integrates True Group’s comprehensive digital ecosystem and cutting-edge technology, connected via the advanced True 5G intelligent network, enhancing safety and convenience in residential living.

Key highlights included the “Mordee” application, which leverages technology to improve public health, making medical services more accessible for Thais. This initiative aligns with the policy of “IGNITE THAILAND: Power Point, Unite Hearts, Thailand Must Be One,” which focuses on developing Thailand into a global industrial hub and driving the Thai economy towards a sustainable future.

Showcasing Digital Innovations at the Workshop

MorDee Application: Smart Health Services

The “MorDee” application provides online health services using Cloud and AI technology to analyze data and enhance service offerings. It supports healthcare needs through a team of over 500 doctors and experts across 20 specialized fields. Key features include appointment scheduling, doctor consultations, home delivery of medicine, and insurance claims without the need for advance payment.

Smart Living Tech: Enhancing Home Comfort and Safety

True presented smart home solutions utilizing IoT devices and smart appliances to increase comfort, health care, and safety within homes. These devices can be controlled via a smartphone application. The showcased products included a water leak sensor, IR remote control, door & window sensor, Zigbee mini hub, smart CCTV, smoke sensor, smart light bulb, smart plug, smart outdoor camera, and smart baby camera.

Commitment to a Digital Future

True Corporation’s support for the government’s digital policies demonstrates its dedication to developing Nakhon Ratchasima Province into a model of a future digital metropolis. This aligns with True Corporation’s vision of transforming Thailand into a regional digital economic hub. As Thailand’s leading telecommunications and technology company, True Corporation is committed to leveraging its innovations to drive the country’s digital transformation and improve the quality of life for all Thais.

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