U.S. Air Force Awards Viasat Up To$ 900 MillionMulti-Vendor Technology Integration and Architecture Contract

Viasat,Inc.( NASDAQ VSAT), a global leader in satellite dispatches, moment blazoned it’ll work with theU.S. Air Force’s Life Cycle Management Center( USAF LCMC) to transition and integrate new innovative technologies and capabilities as part of a$ 900 million ceiling, Indefinite Delivery/ Indefinite Quantity( IDIQ) contract.
Under themulti-award contract – known by its initialism LCMC XA IDIQ – Viasat is anticipated to prototype and test systems, tackle, software, and cybersecurity results to give integrated,multi-domain capabilities for the USAF. Viasat experts will accelerate and expand technology integration across the Air Force. The contract has an approximate five- time term, with options for over to an fresh five times.

moment, the USAF is developing new systems, software and tackle fleetly as it keeps pace with assiduity invention. The armature and integration directorate – AFLCMC/ XA – works with assiduity contractors like Viasat to transition those technologies ever-faster to functional forces. The contract was set up to allow the USAF to snappily pierce a wide range of assiduity results and make intertwined technology available to its labor force more snappily.

Viasat has been named for each of the three orders under the contract ‘ Development Planning ’ will define the rapid-fire transition of technology from lab to functional use; ‘ Systems Development ’ will see arising systems, tackle and software incorporated into being platforms and tested in functional surroundings; while ‘ Synthetic Environment Development ’ will allow the directorate to make advanced models and simulations grounded on real- life scripts( digital halves) to perform functional assessments.

Viasat brings over 35 times of satellite, networking, cybersecurity invention and prosecution for the Department of Defense, including its ongoing work with the USAF line and a range of other space development programs. The award will see Viasat offer its entire range of flexible dispatches capabilities, including commercially proven satellite services from its Ka- band, S- band, and L- band networks.

“ flexible dispatches and dispatches security are critical for military operations, and the USAF has been clear they need to move technology from development to at- scale functional use hastily than ever, ” said Susan Miller, President of Viasat Government. “ This award provides the means to work directly with the Air Force exploration, development and functional communities to transition a huge range of developments, which can all eventually help deliver charge success. ”

The contract is one of the first major DoD IDIQ contracts awarded to Viasat since its accession of Inmarsat in May 2023, which significantly expanded the company’s scale and compass. The combined company now operates a line of 18 satellites in space, with an fresh 10 satellites under development.
Viasat is developing the ultimate global dispatches network to power high- quality, dependable, secure, affordable, fast connections to appreciatively impact people’s lives anywhere they are on the ground, in the air or at ocean, while erecting a sustainable future in space. On May 30, 2023, Viasat completed its accession of Inmarsat, combining the brigades, technologies and coffers of the two companies to produce a new global dispatches mate. Factors that could beget factual results to differ include pitfalls associated with the construction, launch and operation of satellites, including the effect of any anomaly, functional failure or declination in satellite performance; our capability to successfully develop, introduce and vend new technologies, products and services; checkups by theU.S.Government; changes in the global business terrain and profitable conditions; detainments in approvingU.S. Government budgets and cuts in government defense expenditures; changes in connections with, or the fiscal condition of, crucial guests or suppliers; our reliance on a limited number of third parties to manufacture and supply our products; increased competition; preface of new technologies; the effect of adverse nonsupervisory changes( including changes affecting diapason vacuity or permitted uses) on our capability to vend or emplace our products and services; and other factors affecting the dispatches and defense diligence generally.

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