True Corporation Expands Signal Coverage Nationwide for Countdown Festival with ‘ trip geste X Event ’

True and dtac guests are set to enjoy wider network content and briskly, stronger internet signals during the New Year jubilee. True Corporation has employed trip geste
perceptivity and event mapping for the gleeful and preamble season leading into 2024. This analysis reveals that the Northeastern region is anticipated to attract the loftiest number of excursionists. To accommodate this, True Corporation is furnishing 5G, 4G, and Wi- Fi voice and data services to guests civil and also icing the readiness of the True Online Broadband network for optimal performance.

In response to the heavy downfall from December 22- 24, True Corporation has expedited operations to maintain mobile signals and home internet service. This rainfall event redounded in flooding in Narathiwat, Yala, Pattani, Satun, and Songkhla businesses of the southern region.

Prathet Tankuranun, Chief Technology Officer of True Corporation Plc, said, “ We’ve continuously developed the network nationwide through the solidarity of True and Dtac to increase network effectiveness across every diapason for the forthcoming New Year jubilee. We’ve prepared signals to accommodate mobile phone operation throughout Thailand. This time, we’ve employed mobility data to identify departure and appearance trip patterns in every fiefdom and to dissect preamble conditioning data nationwide. also, we’re exercising AI technology to oversee signal quality and identify any irregularities in both mobile and broadband networks, icing maximum service readiness. This enables us to plan and enhance mobile phone service effectiveness more effectively. ”
The analysis of Mobility data and overall service operation, in line with the objects and conditioning related to telecommunication public service, reveals that the top 10 businesses with the loftiest number of trippers
last time among True and dtac guests are Khon Kaen, Chaiyaphum, Nakhon Ratchasima, Nakhon Sawan, Buriram, Roi Et, Srisaket, Surin, and Ubon Ratchathani( in alphabetical order). specially, the Northeastern region is the most popular, recording the loftiest number of callers during the New Year festivity. thus, True Corporation has continually developed its network to enhance effectiveness in every fiefdom. presently, True- dtac 5G covers 90 of the population, while 4G content reaches 99.

Happiness Signal Boost During Nationwide New Year fests

COW Vehicles and Extra Signal Equipment Deployed to Key Countdown Festival locales – True and dtac have boosted network signals in areas hosting New Year fests and conditioning, including venues with large gatherings and major department stores. Special support, including COW( Cell on Wheels) and fresh outfit, has been handed in Bangkok, as well as in businesses with event locales and sightseer destinations nationwide. These include
Amazing Thailand Countdown 2024 at ICON Siam, Bangkok.
Mega Preamble 2024 at Mega Bangna, Bamgkok.
Central World Countdown 2024, Bangkok.
New Year festivity 2024 at Siam Paragon, Bangkok.
Asiatique Countdown 2024, Bangkok,
Future Park and Zpell Department Stores, Pathum Thani.
Preamble to Drink the First Light of the Time at Pha Taem and Pha Chanadai, Ubon Ratchathani Province.
Khon Kaen Countdown 2024.
Chang Buriram Countdown 2024
Charming Chiang Mai Flower Festival
Chiang Mai Countdown 2024 at Central Festival Chiang Mai.
New Year festivity 2024 at the timepiece palace, Chiang Rai.
Tawan Daeng Music Festival, Phitsanulok.
Patong sand preamble and Central Floresta Phuket.
Preamble at Central Hatyai, Songkhla.
Pattaya Countdown 2024, Central Pattaya sand and Marina Countdown 2024, Chon Buri.
Bus, Train Stations, and airfields – True and dtac are fastening on major transportation capitals, anticipating increased service operation at airfields, train stations, and machine stations. Plans are in place to accommodate enhanced services in these specific areas.
Main Business Routes – True and Dtac have expanded signal content along major business routes that connect each region, feeding to both particular vehicles and public transportation. This expansion supports those traveling for leaves or returning to their motherlands, especially in the popular Northeastern and Northern regions during the gleeful season. Coverage also extends to main routes in the Central, Eastern, and Southern regions.
Holy Traffic Routes – True and dtac are prepared to give services during the New Year fests in areas where people gather for making merit or time- end prayers, both in Bangkok and in colorful businesses nationwide.

  1. Setting a special work unit to oversee signals 24 hours a day – a special adhoc platoon at the Central network operation to check network and give services 24 hours a day is set and cooperated with other brigades in the regions or colorful businesses to acclimate the plan to accommodate advanced effectiveness operation during the New Year jubilee nationwide. A platoon to oversee broadband, WiFi, TrueVisions and TrueID is also established to live broadcast preamble moment along with True Call Center 1242 and dtac Call Center 1678.

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