UNIFI Launches UNI5G WOW: Elevating Mobile Prepaid Experience

Unifi Mobile has recently unveiled its latest UNI5G WOW Prepaid package, featuring unlimited 5G + 4G data, uncapped 5G speeds, and enticing rewards to cater to the evolving needs of Malaysian prepaid mobile users. These new offerings are designed to provide customers with excellent value, diverse choices, and the flexibility required for today’s on-the-go lifestyle.

In a world where uninterrupted and affordable internet access is crucial for various activities, be it studying, working, or leisure, prepaid users, particularly the tech-savvy Malaysian youth, demand generous data allowances, high-speed connectivity, and additional perks. The UNI5G WOW Prepaid starter pack, priced at an affordable RM10, comes with a substantial 10GB data (5G + 4G) and an impressive 30-day validity. Customers can conveniently purchase this starter pack online, receiving a complimentary Unlimited 5G Larut Malam Pass.

As part of an exclusive online promotion, the UNI5G WOW Prepaid starter pack is offered for free via the Unifi Mobile app or Unifi eStore for users looking to retain their existing numbers.

Jasmine Lee, Unifi’s Chief Commercial Officer, Consumer, expressed excitement about addressing the changing landscape of prepaid mobile services. She highlighted the tailored nature of the UNI5G WOW Prepaid, specifically designed for modern prepaid users, offering uncapped 5G speeds throughout the day. Lee emphasized the integration of prepaid services into the new Unifi Mobile app, ensuring a seamless experience for all users, alongside the existing postpaid services.

Unifi, recognized as Malaysia’s leading convergence champion, recently received accolades from Opensignal’s 5G Global Mobile Network Experience Awards for 2023*. The UNI5G WOW Prepaid plan complements Unifi’s commitment to enriching lives and communities through technology, aligning with its comprehensive offerings in fixed, mobile, lifestyle, and business services.

The UNI5G WOW Prepaid plan includes several customized data passes to meet diverse customer needs:

  1. UNI5G WOW 35: Priced at RM35 per month, this best-selling pass offers unlimited 5G + 4G data, uncapped 5G speeds, unlimited calls, a 10GB hotspot, and an additional 50GB of free 5G hotspot data for a limited time.
  2. UNI5G WOW 25: Priced at RM25 per month, this pass is ideal for users with moderate data needs, providing 30GB of 5G + 4G data, uncapped speeds, and hotspot functionality.
  3. UNI5G WOW 10: For just RM10, subscribers get 10GB of data with uncapped 5G speeds, catering to users seeking connectivity without straining their budget.

Additionally, UNI5G WOW Prepaid offers on-demand add-ons starting from RM1, including a weekend data pass, speed booster pass, validity extension passes, call passes, and dedicated passes for social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok.

Existing customers on older rate plans are encouraged to switch to the new UNI5G WOW Prepaid, available free of charge through the Unifi Mobile app or by visiting TMpoint/Unifi Store. Upon completion, these customers receive a bonus of 10GB of data (5G + 4G) with a 30-day validity.

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