Solar-brate Time: UScellular’s Tech Tips for Total Solar Eclipse

How to Host a Solar Eclipse Celebration

Get ready to throw an out-of-this-world solar eclipse party! On April 8, a total solar eclipse will traverse North America, treating 13 states from Texas to Maine to a spectacular display. The next chance for the contiguous United States to witness such a celestial phenomenon won’t come until August 23, 2044.

As you gear up for this rare event, it’s crucial to learn how to safely capture the solar eclipse on camera. According to NASA, staring at the sun without specialized eye protection or a solar filter is unsafe, except during the short period when the moon fully covers the sun’s face.

Whether you’re in the path of totality or not, you can use your smartphone to document this extraordinary occasion safely. UScellular has some helpful tips to ensure you create lasting memories during the 2024 total solar eclipse:

  1. Glasses On: Prioritize your safety by always wearing protective glasses or having a filter on your smartphone when capturing photos or videos of the solar eclipse.
  2. No Flashing: Avoid using a camera flash, as it can disrupt people’s dark adaptation. Turn it off before taking photos, and those around you will appreciate it.
  3. App Way to Capture It: Leverage apps like Eclipse Guide and Solar Snap to discover optimal eclipse observation spots and capture stunning photos safely. Experiment with customizing your smartphone camera settings during a full moon, saving them for the big day. Avoid zooming in, as it can result in a pixelated, enlarged image lacking detail.
  4. Charging Party: If you’re on the move to catch the moment or attending a viewing party, ensure your device has sufficient battery power. The FUEL Wireless Battery Pack eliminates the need for charging cables, allowing you to quickly recharge your smartphone on-the-go. Transform your viewing spot into a party with the JBL Party Box, playing your favorite tunes while scanning the sky.
  5. Connect with Others: Once you’ve recorded the eclipse, switch your phone to US Mode and savor the moment with nearby family, friends, or fellow eclipse enthusiasts. It’s a chance to share the awe-inspiring experience and create lasting connections.

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