UScellular’s PTT Ensures Business and Government Connectivity

UScellular has partnered with two trailblazing entities in the wireless industry to unveil a comprehensive push-to-talk (PTT) bundle designed for diverse sectors such as public safety, hospitality, transportation, education, utilities, and logistics. This collaboration harnesses the strengths of ESChat, the provider of the PTT software solution, and Siyata, the provider of the push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) radio. The amalgamation of these cutting-edge technologies with UScellular’s 1GB data plan delivers an unparalleled customer experience, with pricing starting at $28 per month.

The integrated bundle seamlessly combines a user-friendly PTT app with a purpose-built handset tailored for PTT functionalities. For customers utilizing land mobile radios (LMR), this offering enables a smooth transition to standalone broadband PTT service. Alternatively, it allows them to enhance their existing radio systems with broadband PTT service, ensuring continuous connectivity even beyond the LMR coverage area.

Kim Kerr, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Sales and Operations for UScellular, highlighted the industry-leading Siyata SD7 rugged push-to-talk over cellular radio handset. Positioned as an excellent alternative to land-mobile radios, the SD7 offers UScellular’s business clientele a robust solution. Launching this integrated PTT ecosystem in collaboration with ESChat and Siyata allows UScellular to cater to both RF radio system operators and customers without their own RF radio system.

ESChat’s PTT operates seamlessly wherever a data connection is available, be it through a cellular network or Wi-Fi. Organizations can securely and instantly communicate with and locate team members, irrespective of their network or device. ESChat is at the forefront of the broadband PTT industry, providing government and enterprise business customers with critical service availability, live and historical location tracking, and user-friendly contact and group selection.

The Siyata SD7, an Android-based, rugged PTT device, operates on the high-bandwidth 4G LTE network, delivering excellent sound quality. With an IP68 rating, resistance to water and dust, drop protection, and a robust battery, the SD7 is well-suited for deployment in challenging environments. Notably, there is no requirement for additional infrastructure investment, such as radio towers or repeaters.

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