BAE Systems Secures $111 Million Contracts for Modernized, Secure Communications in South Korea

BAE Systems has been awarded multiple contracts totaling $111 million to supply the Second-generation, Anti-jam, Tactical, Ultra-high Frequency Radio for NATO (SATURN waveform) to the Republic of Korea (ROK). This initiative is part of South Korea’s strategy to modernize national communications, enhancing secure and interoperable command and control capabilities for both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft within its military. As the modern battlespace grows more complex, advancements in tactical waveforms like SATURN are crucial. BAE Systems’ next-generation software-defined radios will utilize SATURN’s fast frequency hopping waveform, providing operators with enhanced communication speed and accuracy critical for informed decision-making in the field.

Dave Logan, Vice President and General Manager of C4ISRS at BAE Systems, emphasized the significance of this tailored solution, stating, “In today’s complex and contested battlefields, superiority on the ground, in the air, and at sea is mission critical. This solution will equip the Republic of Korea’s forces with state-of-the-art, secure, and modern communications capabilities, ensuring interoperability with U.S. and coalition partners.”

The ARC-232A, a SATURN-capable software-defined radio, offers upgradability, compact size, and lightweight design, enhancing resistance to jamming in increasingly sophisticated threat environments. These radios feature optimal receiver sensitivity in harsh operational conditions and can be configured for various countermeasures.

BAE Systems, known for deploying over 100,000 radios globally, offers highly reliable communications products that surpass legacy systems. Their compact radio sets support multi-band, secure anti-jam voice and data transmission, as well as network-capable communications.

Production of the radios will take place at BAE Systems’ advanced facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. BAE Systems will collaborate with Korean manufacturer LIG Nex1 for final assembly, testing, and integration of the ARC-232A into aircraft platforms.

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