Texas High School Chooses Knightscope Security Solutions

Knightscope, Inc. (Nasdaq: KSCP), a leader in robotics and artificial intelligence technologies for public safety, announces new developments in its service offerings:

  1. Texas Contract: A high school near Houston, Texas, has purchased two K1 Blue Light Towers from Knightscope to enhance campus safety. The school district has also subscribed to the Knightscope Emergency Management System service (KEMS). These installations aim to provide secure and convenient access to emergency services such as police, fire, and EMS, ensuring a safe environment for students, faculty, and visitors.
  2. California Renewal: Knightscope has renewed its full service maintenance agreement with the city of Mountain View, California, for their network of emergency phones. This agreement underscores Knightscope’s commitment to maintaining and enhancing public safety infrastructure in its hometown.

The K1 Blue Light Towers serve as direct communication portals during emergencies, personal crises, medical situations, and incidents of suspicious behavior. The Knightscope Emergency Management System (KEMS) further enhances safety by sending immediate text and email notifications to designated recipients whenever a help button is activated. This cloud-based application also provides automated daily reports on system operation, alerting system owners to any issues and ensuring optimal performance.

These initiatives highlight Knightscope’s ongoing efforts to leverage advanced technology in safeguarding communities and improving emergency response capabilities nationwide.

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