T-Mobile’s 5G Network Enhances Fan Experiences at MLB All-Star Week

T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) is making a big impact at MLB All-Star Week in Arlington, Texas, with an array of innovative experiences powered by its leading 5G network. Here’s a look at some of the exciting 5G-powered experiences fans can enjoy during All-Star Week:

Go-Ahead Entry For the first time at All-Star Week, MLB’s Go-Ahead Entry allows fans to use facial authentication technology for quick and seamless entry into the stadium. T-Mobile’s 5G network ensures fast data transmission, making stadium access easier than ever before.

Increased Accessibility T-Mobile, in partnership with MLB and OneCourt, is enhancing the game experience for visually impaired fans using 5G-connected devices during the All-Star Game presented by Mastercard.

5G Automated Balls and Strikes MLB will continue to test the automated ball-strike (ABS) challenge system using T-Mobile’s 5G private mobile network during the All-Star Futures Game, providing quick and secure pitch location verification.

T-Mobile 5G Batting Practice (BP) Fans can enjoy enhanced views of the T-Mobile Home Run Derby with the T-Mobile 5G BP show, featuring high-speed cameras and drone footage powered by T-Mobile’s 5G network for an immersive experience.

“T-Mobile is committed to enhancing the fan and game experiences during All-Star Week,” said Mike Katz, President of Marketing, Strategy, and Products at T-Mobile. “Through our partnership with MLB, we’re leveraging our 5G network to introduce innovations like Go-Ahead Entry and enhanced viewing experiences, further connecting fans to the excitement of baseball.”

These innovations demonstrate T-Mobile’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of connectivity and enhancing fan engagement at major sporting events.

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