Virgin Media O2 & Accenture Boost UK Business Mobile Networks

Virgin Media O2, in collaboration with Liberty Global, has initiated a groundbreaking venture with Accenture aimed at crafting innovative and adaptable connectivity solutions tailored for businesses in the UK. This move is poised to fortify the burgeoning Mobile Private Network (MPN) market in the region.

The partnership will see Virgin Media O2’s 5G private network capabilities for UK businesses enhanced by Accenture’s profound expertise in harnessing the full potential of 5G across diverse industries through a comprehensive suite of applications.

Mobile Private Networks furnish companies with exclusive, self-reliant networks within their premises, offering tailor-made solutions that ensure bandwidth capacity and secure data flow. Analogous to allocating a dedicated lane on a bustling highway for a specific purpose, these networks provide enterprises with a seamless and secure communication infrastructure.

Under this collaboration, solutions will be developed leveraging Accenture’s Edge Orchestration Platform, integrating edge computing, data analytics, AI, and cybersecurity. Initially targeting sectors such as construction, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, and sports venues, the partnership aims to expand its reach with joint customer implementations in the near future.

Beyond the UK, Liberty Global, in partnership with Virgin Media O2 and Telefónica, is exploring avenues to deploy these solutions in other global markets. For instance, in the Port of Antwerp, a trial conducted in collaboration with Belgian counterpart Telenet demonstrated the transformative potential of MPNs. By combining drones with 5G, cloud computing, edge computing, and AI technologies, significant advancements in safety and efficiency were achieved in the shipping industry. The hybrid Mobile Private Network facilitated real-time analysis of live video feeds for security breaches, showcasing the transformative power of network slicing, local edge computing, and AI-driven applications.

Jo Bertram, Managing Director of Business and Wholesale at Virgin Media O2, emphasized the significance of this partnership in broadening their offerings to businesses across various sectors. From enabling secure communication on construction sites to supporting critical operations in healthcare facilities, the collaboration promises a comprehensive suite of innovative, adaptive, and secure mobile private network solutions.

Andy Tay, Global Lead at Accenture Cloud First, highlighted the imperative for enterprises to revamp their networks to stay agile and competitive. Access to reliable and secure mobile connectivity serves as the cornerstone for building a robust digital infrastructure, leveraging cloud, data, AI, and other technologies to drive operational efficiency, foster growth, and attain peak performance.

These pioneering initiatives and partnerships underscore the commitment to enhancing customer offerings by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, with a focus on revolutionizing enterprises across all industry verticals through advanced MPN solutions.

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