Xumo 2024 Report: Shift Toward Free, Easy Streaming

This comprehensive report delves into viewer engagement with free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST), offering valuable insights for content owners and advertisers. It examines who watches FAST, when and how much they watch, why they watch, and how FAST compares to other major entertainment forms. “FAST is becoming a part of people’s everyday lives,” said Stefan Van Engen, Vice President of Content Programming and Partnerships at Xumo.

Despite being relatively new, FAST is emerging as a primary entertainment source, with a third of American adults regularly watching FAST channels during peak primetime hours. The average FAST viewer watches for one hour and 40 minutes in the evening, comparable to the time spent on gaming, social media, and cable TV.

Gavin Bridge, Chief Analyst at FASTMaster Consulting, dispels myths about FAST, emphasizing its growing importance for advertisers. The report highlights who watches FAST, revealing that pay-TV subscribers, younger adults, and diverse audiences are significant viewers. It also notes that news, movies, and crime TV are the most-watched genres on FAST.

Key findings include:

  • Pay-TV customers watch more FAST than cord-cutters or cord-nevers, with 47% of pay-TV subscribers being regular FAST viewers.
  • FAST viewers trend younger and more diverse, with 58% aged 18-44, and higher representation of Black and Latino audiences.
  • FAST is a reliable entertainment option, with nearly 70% of users saying they can always find something to watch.
  • More than half of FAST users consider it one of their favorite entertainment forms.

The report, commissioned by Xumo and conducted by FASTMaster Consulting, collected responses from 4,000 U.S. adults from Q3 2023 to Q1 2024.

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