ZTE’s Wi-Fi 6 Set-Top Box: Partnering with PTV Telecom

ZTE Corporation, a globally renowned provider of information and communication technology solutions, has unveiled an expanded collaboration with PTV Telecom by introducing the cutting-edge STB B866V6H powered by Android TV™. This collaboration is set to revolutionize the entertainment experience for consumers in Spain.

Established in 1983, PTV Telecom stands as a leading telecommunications operator in Spain, offering a wide spectrum of services ranging from mobile to FTTH broadband, fixed telephone, and TV services. Notably, PTV Telecom operates its own PayTV business platform, Zapi TV, which represents the latest Over-The-Top (OTT) TV Service in Spain. This innovative platform, launched on the operator’s multimedia platform, caters to users with on-demand content and multi-device accessibility. It’s a result of collaborative efforts among historical cable operators, tailored precisely to meet the demands of local consumers. PTV Telecom’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions is exemplified by the establishment of the operator’s multimedia platform.

The B866V6H introduces a high-performance Quad-core Amlogic SOC, boasting advanced hardware engineered for efficient video stream decoding, high-speed instruction processing, and seamless support for IPTV/OTT live streaming and Video-On-Demand (VOD) services. With Netflix pre-integrated, the B866V6H offers added convenience for Netflix subscribers, enabling them to access premium content effortlessly.

Moreover, the device incorporates support for AV1 decoding technology, an open video encoding technology developed by the Alliance for Open Media Video. This technology, an upgrade to VP9, delivers significant video enhancement, with over a 30% improvement in compression ratio for 4K UHD content. Leveraging the robust performance of ARM Cortex A55 and AV1 technology, the B866V6H is poised to offer consumers unparalleled audio-visual multimedia experiences.

Equipped with the latest version of Android TV OS, users can access a plethora of apps and games on Google Play, exceeding 5000 in number. This empowers users with a diverse range of entertainment options, including on-demand episodes and movies from streaming platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video. Additionally, users can enjoy their favorite music and indulge in family-friendly gaming for a truly immersive experience. The B866V6H set-top box enables PTV Telecom to provide a vast array of content choices to end-users, ensuring continuous value delivery and consumer satisfaction.

Looking ahead, ZTE remains steadfast in its commitment to “serving with dedication and being committed to its customers.” The company will continue collaborating with its customers to explore innovative areas such as innovation STB, Wi-Fi Mesh, and Smart Home, offering high-quality products, efficient delivery, and reliable after-sales support. These endeavors will fortify long-term cooperation, bolster market competitiveness, and expand the user base for customers, cementing ZTE’s position as a leader in the industry.

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