Advanced Tech Meets 24/7 Live Guard Protection – Deep Sentinel Introduces DS2 Wireless Camera System

Deep Sentinel, a leading security provider renowned for its 24/7 live video monitoring facilitated by remote guards and proprietary artificial intelligence technology, has introduced the latest addition to its lineup – the DS2 wireless security camera system. After a year of meticulous development, incorporating valuable customer feedback, the DS2 boasts a host of new and enhanced features, including an upgraded AI model, increased video resolution, and the inclusion of color night vision.

In the United States, a burglary takes place every 9 seconds. While 60% of burglars tend to avoid homes equipped with security systems, the remaining 40% remain undeterred. Homes lacking such security measures face a significantly higher burglary risk, as much as 300%. These statistics underscore the critical need for innovative and dependable security solutions.

Retaining the foundational design of its predecessor, the DS2 introduces substantial technological improvements. The hub now features a more potent AI processor, and the camera has been upgraded to offer 1080p Full-HD recording, an impactful mini-floodlight for superior night vision, and an integrated USB port for external power options like solar energy. Additionally, the system sports a modern white color, diverging from the gunmetal gray of the DS1. These enhancements position the DS2 as a new benchmark in contemporary security solutions.

CEO and Co-Founder David Selinger remarked, “Deep Sentinel’s distinctive fusion of AI-powered security with 24/7 live guards is our response to security threats faced by businesses and homes in the U.S. The launch of the DS2 wireless camera system emphasizes our commitment to delivering unparalleled crime prevention solutions and ensuring cutting-edge protection is accessible to all.”

Key Features of DS2:

  • The only camera pre-connected to live guards out of the box
  • Advanced AI model with faster processing and enhanced identification capabilities
  • Rapid <350 millisecond wakeup time for recording
  • Improved 1080p Full-HD recording (upgraded from DS1’s 480p)
  • Enhanced night vision complemented by a mini-LED floodlight
  • PIR motion detection at 35 ft
  • A comprehensive 130-degree Field of View (FOV)
  • Powerful 102db siren, two-way speaker & microphone, and strobing alarm lights for optimal security
  • Hub powered by a robust NXP ARM Cortex A53 processor, AI analyzing at 30 FPS, and ample storage
  • Contemporary white color

Deep Sentinel distinguishes itself from other security solutions by combining 24/7 live guard surveillance with advanced artificial intelligence technology. Human guards actively monitor clients’ security cameras in real-time, preventing crimes before they occur and eliminating false alarms. The DS2, available for purchase from January 29, 2024, marks a paradigm shift in security, offering a proactive approach distinct from traditional alarm systems.

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