Bonitasoft Enhances Process Intelligence Through Automation for Advanced Data Analysis

Bonitasoft, a prominent open-source digital process automation company, has unveiled its latest advancement in Business Process Management (BPM) with the introduction of Bonita Process Insights. This innovative data analysis feature seamlessly integrates with Bonitasoft’s flagship BPM platform, Bonita, aimed at extracting and presenting valuable process data to enhance business process optimization.

The genesis of Bonita Process Insights stems from the recurrent queries posed by Bonita’s clients engaged in automating crucial business processes. The key questions include a step-by-step understanding of process execution, an evaluation of automated process performance, identification of areas for enhancing process efficiency, and an assessment of the modified processes’ performance compared to their predecessors. Additionally, clients sought insights into the factors influencing process execution.

Bonita Process Insights excels in extracting data from processes developed and deployed through the Bonita process automation platform. It visually presents this data through dynamic dashboards, providing business teams with the ability to access aggregated information, perform in-depth analysis, and monitor the alignment of process performance with organizational objectives. By pinpointing bottlenecks and inefficiencies and taking proactive measures to address them, business teams can effectively steer automation projects in alignment with overarching business goals.

Charles Souillard, Co-founder and CEO of Bonitasoft, emphasized the company’s commitment to ensuring that process automation implementations deliver tangible benefits. He stated, “Our goal is to ensure that the implementation of process automation delivers on its promises.” Souillard highlighted that the initial release of Bonita Process Insights equips business process owners with comprehensive capabilities for collecting and visually presenting process data. This empowers managers to concentrate on enhancements that align with their organizational objectives.

Bonita Process Insights is fully compatible with both the free edition of Bonita Community and the Bonita Enterprise version, offering a versatile solution accessible to a wide range of users. This new addition strengthens Bonitasoft’s position as a leader in the open-source digital process automation landscape, providing businesses with a powerful tool to streamline and optimize their critical processes.

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