SKT Develops Key Technology for Low-latency Core Network for 6G Evolution

SK Telecom (NYSE: SKM, “SKT”) has announced a successful collaboration with Intel, unveiling groundbreaking technology aimed at minimizing communication delays crucial for the advancement of 6G Core Architecture.

The Core network acts as the gateway for all voice and data traffic from a customer’s mobile device to access the Internet network. It is a vital mobile communication service system responsible for ensuring security and service quality through the interconnection of various systems.

The 6G Core Architecture demands heightened flexibility and safety compared to previous communication generations, emphasizing stable AI service quality and technologies through intelligent and automation features.

As Core network technology advances, the multitude of systems within the network and their intricate functions for various services exponentially increase. The growing complexity of the network leads to the frequent recreation of the message sending and receiving process, resulting in increased communication delays. Conventional communication standard technologies struggle to address these limitations, particularly concerning the interconnection between unit functions within the existing Core network.

The Inline Service Mesh, a collaborative creation of SK Telecom and Intel utilizing Intel Xeon processors with built-in AI capabilities, proves effective in enhancing communication speed within the Core network by minimizing latency between unit functions without the need for a Proxy.

This technological breakthrough allows for the application of AI, requiring substantial computational power, to the Core network in a broader range of models. SKT has already successfully commercialized a technology reducing wireless resource usage by 40% and improving connectivity through real-time analysis of user movement patterns. The collaboration aims to achieve a 70% reduction in communication delays and a 33% increase in service efficiency in the Core network through the implementation of the 6G Core Architecture.

SKT plans to integrate the findings of this study into commercial equipment by the following year, and a comprehensive technical white paper detailing the technology, development process, and benefits has been published.

Having maintained a decade-long partnership in researching and developing key wired/wireless mobile communication technologies, SKT and Intel plan to continue their collaboration. The focus will be on advancing traffic processing improvement technologies incorporating AI across various segments of the Core network.

Yu Takki, Vice President and Head of Infra Tech at SKT, expressed, “We have achieved another significant milestone through our ongoing technological collaboration with Intel to secure leadership in 6G.” He added, “We will persist in our research efforts and work towards the commercialization of AI-based 6G Core Architecture.”

Dan Rodriguez, Corporate Vice President of Intel Network & Edge Solutions Group, echoed the sentiment, stating, “Our research and development efforts with SK Telecom continue to deliver innovations that have been deployed by Communications Service Providers worldwide.” He emphasized the importance of leveraging the latest Intel Xeon processors with built-in AI features to drive performance and efficiency improvements crucial to the future of Core networks.

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