AIS Unveils Open API Aligned with GSMA and CAMARA Standards for Business Innovation

AIS, a leading Cognitive Tech-co and telecommunications service provider in Thailand, has launched its Open Application Programming Interface (Open API) in accordance with international standards. The API is meticulously designed following the CAMARA Open API standards and is certified by GSMA, signifying a commitment to facilitating seamless access to telecommunications services and various capabilities from network service providers. This strategic move is intended to empower app developers, solution providers, and businesses to innovate and capitalize on opportunities more efficiently.

Comprising 11 sets of APIs, the AIS Open API enhances application capabilities across various domains. Noteworthy APIs include those for user authentication validation, such as Silent Network Authentication APIs, facilitating the verification of users’ phone numbers (Number Verify) and monitoring users’ SIM card swaps (SIM Swap) using trusted information from network service providers. These APIs play a crucial role in verifying user identities for different applications, contributing to the prevention of cyber fraud, an ever-growing concern. Having undergone thorough development, testing, and deployment in commercial digital applications, these APIs are now ready to serve business customers and organizations.

Mr. Phupa Akavipat, Acting Chief Enterprise Business Officer at AIS, emphasized the significance of enabling developers to access telecom service providers’ services and capabilities. He highlighted the positive impact on the overall economy by prioritizing the security of digital service users. Standardizing APIs, in collaboration with GSMA and adhering to CAMARA Open API standards, is seen as crucial to enhancing and deploying services more rapidly across operator networks. This collaboration aims to streamline processes for developers working with service providers, ultimately fostering digital application innovation for the future.

Henry Calvert, Head of Networks at GSMA, expressed GSMA’s support for AIS in developing Open APIs to create innovative digital services for mobile customers. He anticipates that this platform will play a pivotal role in aiding organizational developers in Thailand and Southeast Asia in accessing diverse capabilities and innovations of telecommunications networks.

In a bid to accelerate market development, AIS plans to collaborate with app developers and solution providers through API usage. This initiative aims to foster partnerships, support technical aspects, and encourage the generation of ideas to drive innovation. AIS has already partnered with IPification, a solution provider focused on identity verification using IP Address technology and phone numbers to prevent digital system fraud globally. This partnership aims to enhance mobile transaction security through the Number Verify API, offering convenient, secure, and nearly instantaneous verification, ultimately improving customer experiences and expanding sales opportunities for businesses.

For those interested in AIS Open API services, the AIS Business team is readily available for inquiries. Additional information and services tailored for businesses of all sizes can be found at AIS Open API website or by contacting the organization’s sales team directly, as highlighted by Mr. Phupa Akavipat.

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