Telefónica & Ericsson Transform Live Entertainment with 5G

Telefónica and its strategic partner, Ericsson, unveiled the intricacies of a groundbreaking technology, art, and music experience during a historic concert at the Gran Teatre del Liceu on February 26. This unique event, hosted by Telefónica in celebration of its upcoming Centenary on April 19, featured renowned Chinese pianist Lang Lang. Collaborating with Igor Studio and Musion 3D, key partners in their respective fields, Telefónica and Ericsson seamlessly blended the physical and virtual worlds using their jointly developed 5G network.

Both companies emphasize that the already available 5G technology facilitates memorable, high-quality experiences from any location. The 5G stand-alone (SA) capability ensures the transport of diverse data streams, guaranteeing critical data packets for simultaneous video and audio, numerous audience connections, and fully immersive interactions with the show and the artist.

At the Gran Teatre del Liceu, Telefónica and Ericsson established a 5G SA Private Network using Ericsson’s Private 5G solution. This network, configured for 5GSA with 100MHz of Telefonica’s 3500 MHz band spectrum, provided the necessary link bandwidth, low latency, and absence of jitter for the innovative experience.

To replicate Lang Lang as a holographic twin, multiple cameras captured every detail of his performance, transmitting 4K format images in real-time via the high sustained upload capacity of 5G. Lang Lang’s finger movements on the holographic piano were then interpreted and transmitted through the mobile network, using an audio protocol. The audio signals, decoded on the real piano, triggered an automatic playback system for a seamless integration of music and holographic representation.

The crucial requirement for this integration was to ensure perfect synchronization between Lang Lang and his holographic twin, achieved through 5G’s minimal latency and jitter features. Telefónica’s Global CTIO, Enrique Blanco, highlighted the event as the start of the company’s centenary celebrations, showcasing the fusion of music, video, and immersive holograms through Telefónica’s unique 5G network capabilities.

Ericsson Spain and Portugal’s President and CEO, Andrés Vicente, positioned the event as a leap into the future of live events, demonstrating how 5G connectivity can overcome limitations, enabling mobility, multiple scenarios, and high-quality interactions. He emphasized the potential for the entertainment industry to explore new monetization strategies and artistic representations, enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

Igor Cortadellas, CEO of Igor Studio, the creative and artistic director of the concert, emphasized the fusion of art and technology in a refined manner, celebrating 100 years of Telefónica’s leadership in the field. Ian O’Connell, co-founder of Musion 3D, expressed pride in their contribution to the project, leveraging 5G’s capabilities to elevate holographic technology and transform live performances.

The concert featured a captivating start with 36 drones forming a Telefónica logo and the number 100 to commemorate the company’s centenary. Lang Lang, celebrated as the best pianist of his generation, reinterpreted classical pieces, sharing his emotions and artistic world through a jacket connected to sensors and illuminated with LED lights, allowing the audience to feel his heartbeat.

Lang Lang actively engaged the audience, urging them to use their mobile phones to form music chords and become part of the collective creation moment. This innovative fusion of technology, music, and art marked an unprecedented experience, breaking down barriers between the physical and virtual worlds and creating a memorable evening for the audience.

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