New Mobile Subscriptions for SMEs in Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobile provides tailor-made mobile subscription plans designed specifically for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Offering a diverse range of Multi Device options, SMEs can benefit from enhanced flexibility in surfing and making calls across multiple devices, leading to increased efficiency and improved communication with employees, customers, and partners.

The upgraded mobile subscriptions boast access to premium speeds of up to 2 Gbit/s, ensuring swift internet browsing and seamless data transfers, even when dealing with resource-intensive documents. Prioritized data transmission guarantees an optimal mobile surfing experience, even in high-traffic areas, providing a reliable internet connection and minimizing potential interruptions during critical business activities. Depending on the subscription type and included zones, SMEs can also enjoy unlimited data. For areas beyond the included zones, Enterprise Mobile includes an annual data allowance, varying based on the subscription type.

Navigating the new My Swisscom Business self-service portal is a breeze, thanks to its intuitive user interface. Customers can effortlessly order, configure, and manage their subscriptions, options, and devices.

An exclusive offering in Switzerland, Microsoft Teams Telephony Mobile, previously available only to Enterprise Customers, is now accessible to Swiss SMEs with the Enterprise Mobile subscription. This innovative feature integrates the mobile network and Microsoft Teams into a single app, allowing users to make national and international calls via Teams using a single mobile number on any device. This integration ensures consistent presence status, voicemail, and call history across smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PCs, establishing a seamless communication experience between fixed networks, mobile telephony, and Teams calls.

Key benefits of the new mobile portfolio include unlimited calls and SMS within Switzerland’s superior network and selected country zones, the introduction of 5G Premium Speed as the new standard, unlimited data based on the chosen subscription type and included zones, optimal surfing experience through prioritized data transmission, inclusive data for zones not covered in the subscription, and the convenience of Multi Device options for surfing and calls on additional devices.

The My Swisscom Business self-service portal remains the go-to platform for a superior user experience, facilitating easy ordering and management of devices and subscription options. Furthermore, customers can seamlessly integrate their mobile number into Microsoft Teams by adding the MS Teams Telephony Mobile option in My Swisscom Business, allowing for self-setup.

In addition to these features, the new mobile subscriptions also provide a security solution with a warning system for suspicious websites, ensuring safe and secure surfing for SMEs.

Felix Wunderer, Head of B2B Mobile & IoT at Swisscom, emphasizes the adaptability of Enterprise Mobile to the evolving communication needs of SMEs in a dynamic working environment. The new mobile subscriptions for SMEs are currently available from Swisscom, providing a comprehensive solution for enhanced communication and connectivity. For further details on Enterprise Mobile.

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