ZTE Wins Multiple GTI Awards for Innovation in 2024

ZTE Corporation, a prominent global provider of information and communication technology solutions, has clinched multiple accolades at the GTI Awards 2024. Notably, its Smart Grid project, collaborating with Turkcell, received the “Innovative Mobile Service and Application Award,” while the ZTE Dynamic RIS 2.0 was honored with the “Innovative Breakthrough in Mobile Technology Award.” Additionally, ZTE’s 5G-A Empowers VR Multiplayer PvP Gaming solution secured another “Innovative Mobile Service and Application Award.”

The Smart Grid project, in partnership with Turkcell, ABB, BEDAŞ, NETAŞ, and GSL Engineering, signifies a groundbreaking advancement in the power industry. It introduced an innovative smart grid system in Türkiye, leveraging the latest 5G applications to focus on differential protection. This system, deployed in Başakşehir, Istanbul, facilitates low-latency communication between substations, minimizing fault impact and downtime. Utilizing 3GPP Release 16 Robustel EG5120 5G industrial modems from GSL Engineering, this project is a milestone in achieving rapid activation of protection circuits during faults.

Differential protection services, crucial to the smart grid, depend on current differentials for precise and swift responses to faults. The system ensures time synchronization between terminals, utilizing 5G connectivity for differential protection. This not only offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional fiber optic solutions but also enhances the reliability and efficiency of power distribution.

ZTE’s Dynamic RIS 2.0, awarded for its breakthrough in mobile technology, addresses the challenges posed by the evolution to 5G-A. Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS) technology, utilizing electromagnetic metamaterials, dynamically controls electromagnetic waves’ propagation. D-RIS 2.0, the second-generation product, supports dynamic coordination with base stations, extending 5G-A base station coverage by 30% with signal gains reaching 30dB. Its low power consumption and easy deployment make it a pivotal player in advancing wireless networks towards 5G-A and 6G.

The 5G-A Empowers VR Multiplayer PvP Gaming solution, earning an award for innovative mobile service and application, revolutionizes virtual reality gaming. By migrating local rendering to edge server cloud rendering, ZTE’s solution, developed in collaboration with China Mobile Research Institute, Qualcomm Technologies, Xiaomi, and Sky Limit Entertainment, addresses issues such as mobility constraints and limited age inclusivity. Testing at Sky Limit Entertainment’s SoReal Paradise showcased the solution’s potential for low air interface delay and support for over 50 users simultaneously online.

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