Alaska Power & Telephone Appoints William D. Marks as President and CEO

Alaska Power & Telephone’s Board of Directors has officially announced the appointment of William D. Marks as the President & CEO, effective February 1. This announcement comes following the successful implementation of their succession plan, designed to replace the outgoing CEO, Michael Garrett, who had earlier disclosed his intention to retire after a commendable 34-year tenure with the company.

Expressing his gratitude, Garrett remarked, “I want to thank the employee-owners of AP&T for the opportunity to work with them all these years. Together, we have built a foundation of trust and openness. We have also proven to be a proud investor in the communities we serve.”

In a joint statement, the AP&T Board of Directors conveyed their appreciation for Garrett’s leadership and extensive contributions, citing his dedicated care for all stakeholders as a defining feature of his CEO tenure. Garrett will continue to support the transition as a senior advisor to Marks until March 31, 2024, ensuring a seamless handover. The Board extended best wishes to Garrett and his spouse Laurie for a fulfilling retirement.

Marks, with a successful track record spanning over thirty years in executive roles within the cable TV and satellite industries, is set to bring a wealth of experience to AP&T. His notable achievements include founding and presiding over DBS Direct/DIRECTV, the first direct-to-home satellite television network, and serving as CEO of Seamobile, the parent company of Maritime Telecommunications Network (MTN), a pioneer in providing satellite broadband connectivity to the cruise ship industry.

The Board emphasized Marks’ standout qualities among a pool of internal and external candidates, noting the strong reputation cultivated by AP&T’s employees under Garrett’s leadership. They expressed confidence that Marks, with his leadership success, coupled with the commitment of AP&T’s employee-owners, will position the company as the preferred provider for customers and a robust contributor to the well-being of communities across Alaska.

Garrett added, “Bill will be able to build upon our foundation as he works with the leadership team to bring value in the services our communities rely upon. I have no doubt Bill will build a lasting relationship with all AP&T’s stakeholders so that AP&T can continue to be a strong, growing, innovative leader in the energy and communications industries.”

Marks previously received the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2007 for his role as the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Seamobile, highlighting his significant contributions to the satellite service industry.

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