AT&T & Navigil: Mobile Wristwatch for Proactive Wellness Monitoring

Wellness watches are transforming the landscape of healthcare delivery across diverse settings such as hospital discharge, in-home care, senior-living communities, and for individuals with disabilities. These devices play a crucial role in maintaining user connectivity with caregivers, facilitating proactive and personalized support, all while optimizing costs.

Navigil, a leading expert in mobile wearable products designed for the well-being and personal safety of aging adults, has introduced its mobile wristwatches in the U.S. These wellness wristwatches boast AT&T Network Optimized certification, utilizing the AT&T nationwide LTE-M cellular network. They support IoT applications with reduced costs, extended battery life, and compact form factors.

The Navigil wristwatch diligently monitors heart rate, activity levels, sleep patterns, and more. The accompanying smartphone app, compatible with both iOS and Android, empowers family members and caregivers to access and track the wearer’s wellness data trends. Navigil’s mobile wearable is accessible to businesses, including assisted living facilities and care organizations, offering up to two weeks of battery life as a mobile phone, secure SOS call routing, and a comprehensive wellness dashboard.

Matti Räty, President/CEO of Navigil, emphasized the significance of connectivity, stating, “Without it, they are just inert devices collecting data. With it, they enable calls for help, voice calls, and immediate notification of alarms.” He highlighted how these devices effectively bridge the gap between users, family members, friends, and trusted caregivers, fostering seamless communication.

Joe Drygas, Vice President of Government, Education & Medical at AT&T, recognized the value of the Navigil watch for seniors and caregivers. He noted its versatility in providing reminders for medication, encouraging activity, and notifying caregivers in emergencies, ensuring users receive timely support.

For those interested in exploring the Navigil watch, booth #2261 at HIMSS is the place to be. Your presence is eagerly anticipated!

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