Business Safety Ensured: Deutsche Telekom and GPT-based AI

UKA Group has recently adopted a secure and data protection-compliant generative AI tool, becoming Deutsche Telekom’s premier Business GPT customer. This innovative solution not only provides generative AI capabilities but also allows for seamless integration of internal company documents. Rigorously tested for IT security and data protection, the application is hosted on Telekom’s cloud environments, ensuring GDPR and German data protection law compliance while granting UKA control over its data. The secure access, facilitated by Telekom MMS, enables UKA employees to input and utilize company data across various end devices.

This application not only serves as an everyday tool for UKA employees but also serves as a platform for testing innovative use cases within their specialized departments. Future plans involve direct integration of company applications through programming interfaces. The browser-based Business GPT is accessible through UKA’s intranet, maintaining the company’s corporate design and significantly streamlining the transition from business case to productive usage.

The adoption of generative AI tools, such as Business GPT, empowers companies to reduce effort in repetitive tasks, accelerating workflows and fostering efficiency and innovation. For international energy park developer UKA, the multilingual tool proves particularly beneficial for efficient research, information procurement, and content creation in their day-to-day operations.

Ensuring data sovereignty for customers, the secure operation on cloud environments in Europe allows companies to utilize Microsoft Azure OpenAI Services’ GPT 3.5 and GPT 4.0 models within a shielded area. Originally developed for Deutsche Telekom employees, the successful internal implementation led to Telekom MMS adding Business GPT to its portfolio, with UKA as a pioneering pilot customer.

Christian Schmidt, Head of IT and Digital at UKA, lauds Business GPT as a tool that enables employees worldwide to test AI language model use cases securely, promoting real innovation. Klaus Werner, Managing Director for Business Customers at Telekom Deutschland GmbH, emphasizes the combination of Telekom’s reliability with cutting-edge natural language processing, delivering compliance and security that aligns with customer expectations.

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