FamBiz Game Revealed by BUILD.org and Comcast NBCUniversal

BUILD.org, a leading organization in youth entrepreneurship education with a 25-year national presence, has collaborated with Comcast NBCUniversal to introduce the innovative “BUILD’s FamBiz CEO Simulation Game.” In an effort to transform traditional learning methods, this free simulation game is designed for students in grades 7-12 and is led by educators.

The FamBiz CEO Simulation Game represents a departure from conventional classroom learning, providing students with the opportunity to step into the shoes of a CEO tasked with revitalizing a struggling family business and its community. This immersive experience challenges students to balance community impact, effective teamwork, and personal well-being while aiming for profitability.

Principal Amen Rahh, CEO of Knowlej, emphasizes the significance of gamification in education, stating, “Unlocking the potential of education lies in harnessing the power of gamification to ignite engagement and foster deeper learning.” FamBiz, developed in collaboration with teachers and students, aims to support educators with dynamic offerings that enhance student engagement and learning.

Thais Rezende, President and Interim CEO of BUILD.org, expressed excitement about the partnership with Comcast’s Project UP, stating, “By partnering with Comcast’s Project UP, we are ensuring every young person in America can develop digital skills and find pathways to economic mobility.”

Comcast’s contribution to the creation of FamBiz is part of Project UP, a $1 billion initiative focused on advancing digital equity and economic mobility. The FamBiz simulation game aligns with the broader goal of fostering the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and changemakers.

Gwyneth Gaul, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships & Philanthropy at Comcast NBCUniversal, emphasizes the importance of gamifying learning for students’ development, engagement, and retention. FamBiz is positioned as a digital, fun, and accessible curriculum that meets students where they are.

Key features and benefits of FamBiz include an immersive experience for students, enhanced Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) through a choice-based simulation game, interactive decision-making scenarios, and growth tracking with personalized feedback. Educators receive a comprehensive toolkit, including lesson plans and assessment tools, to seamlessly integrate FamBiz into existing curricula.

To further incentivize educators, BUILD.org and DonorsChoose have launched a program with financial support from Comcast. The first 1,000 eligible educators to complete FamBiz requirements will receive a $300 DonorsChoose gift card. Over 1,000 educators from 700 schools and organizations in 500 cities have already signed up for FamBiz, with 14,000 student accounts created and 7,000 students completing the game.

Educators can access FamBiz through the online platform at https://build.org/fambiz/. The simulation game allows for flexible implementation, ranging from a 1-hour session to a week-long experience. FamBiz will also be featured at SXSW EDU from March 4-7, 2024.

Testimonials highlight FamBiz as a game-changer in education, with students actively applying business concepts in a real-world simulation and finding entrepreneurship learning surprisingly enjoyable and engaging.

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