AT&T Turbo: Real-Time Connectivity On-The-Go

AT&T has pioneered a groundbreaking initiative, offering customers the ability to access enhanced data connectivity for instant responsiveness with the launch of AT&T Turbo on May 2.

Crafted to bolster high-performance mobile applications such as gaming, social video broadcasting, and live video conferencing, AT&T Turbo ensures optimized data usage while users are on the move. By providing users with the option to optimize their network, AT&T Turbo empowers them to augment their mobile data connection with additional network resources.

For instance, in scenarios where reduced freezing or stuttering and minimal latency are crucial, especially in gaming, AT&T Turbo steps in to deliver real-time responsiveness by enhancing the performance of users’ data on the network.

How can customers avail themselves of this service? Through the myATT app or online platform, customers can conveniently add AT&T Turbo to their plans for $7 per month per line. Furthermore, they retain the flexibility to remove this feature from their line whenever they deem fit.

Customers eligible for this service will have full control over its activation, which amplifies the speed and hot spot data on their connection during its active period. Aligned with the principles of an open internet, once activated, this boost applies to a customer’s data irrespective of the internet content, applications, or services being utilized.

What lies ahead? The launch of AT&T Turbo marks just the initial phase of our endeavor to introduce innovative network capabilities to our customers. With a significant surge in network traffic and escalating technical requirements for real-time applications like gaming, social video sharing, and live video conferences, it’s evident that latency-sensitive applications will increasingly demand enhanced network technologies. Hence, we remain committed to advancing and evolving AT&T Turbo to meet these evolving needs.

What’s the feedback so far? Erin Scarborough, senior vice president of consumer product for AT&T, shared, “With AT&T Turbo, we are pioneering a customer-centric approach, granting users the freedom to activate enhanced data with ease. Recognizing our customers’ desire for greater control over their experience, particularly while on the move, AT&T Turbo is a direct response to that need, placing complete control at our customers’ fingertips. Today represents just the beginning of how AT&T aims to elevate the customer experience through our network, and we eagerly anticipate further evolution and possibilities with AT&T Turbo in the future.”

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