Bayobab Group Notes Undersea Cable Damage Disrupting Connectivity

MTN Group’s Bayobab, in collaboration with its partners, is actively coordinating the repair efforts for damaged underwater digital communication cables along the West Coast of Africa.

On March 14, 2024, four crucial subsea cables – WACS, ACE, SAT3, and MainOne – were confirmed to have been severed, prompting urgent action from the consortium partners. Bayobab is diligently working alongside its partners to minimize the impact of these damages by implementing strategies such as rerouting traffic and enabling additional circuits.

The repair process has been initiated jointly by ACE and WACS, who have mobilized a cable ship to engage in collaborative repair endeavors. Meanwhile, Bayobab’s approach is centered on efficiently rerouting traffic, leveraging its extensive network, and fostering collaboration within the industry while investigations and repair operations are underway.

Thanks to the resilience of our network infrastructure, we can swiftly activate new cables, facilitating faster rerouting and reinforcing network robustness. This proactive measure ensures increased interconnectivity and the establishment of alternative routes, enhancing overall reliability.

Furthermore, we are actively partnering with cable consortiums and stakeholders to enhance interconnection along both the west and east coasts. This includes strengthening connections between WACS and Equiano and introducing end-to-end connectivity between WACS on the west coast and EASSy on the east coast.

While progress has been made in restoring services in some affected regions, our commitment remains steadfast in achieving full recovery as promptly as possible. We acknowledge the critical importance of network reliability and continuously strive to fortify our infrastructure to mitigate potential disruptions in the future.

We extend our sincere appreciation for your understanding and patience during this challenging period.

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