Deutsche Telekom Boosts Digital Certificates Portfolio

Trust is emerging as an increasingly precious commodity in today’s digital landscape. Deutsche Telekom (DT) recognizes this significance and is augmenting its suite of services in digital certificates and identity management. To achieve this, the company is forging a partnership with the globally renowned DigiCert Inc. headquartered in North America. This strategic alliance ensures that DT, with the backing of a robust partner, can cater to the diverse needs and standards of European clientele, including its subsidiaries. The comprehensive portfolio encompasses the spectrum of services ranging from public key infrastructure, identity and access management to digital certificates. Additionally, it extends to hardware security solutions for smartphones, computers, and other devices utilizing secure elements. To fortify these offerings, Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH has established a DigiCert Competence Center in Germany and Slovakia.

“Andreas Brasching, Head of Trust Center & Identity Security at Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH, affirms, “With this initiative, we uphold our commitment to deliver security services as a certified trust service provider, housed in geo-redundant data centers, augmented by an integrated high-security environment. DigiCert’s cloud solutions adhere to all European legal requisites as they are hosted from the Netherlands.”

Preserving its traditional unique selling proposition, DT remains steadfast in meeting stringent criteria for digital sovereignty within its domestic market. Since 1994, the company has operated its own Trust Center, the first certified entity of its kind in Germany. Over the years, millions of certificates have been issued, serving a wide array of industries and public authorities. As a certification body and trusted authority for electronic data exchange, DT has consistently facilitated secure IT-enabled business processes. Digital certificates play a pivotal role in ensuring data security, integrity, and confidentiality in digitized workflows and electronic communications.

Furthermore, DT is poised to enhance its agility to meet evolving demands through its collaboration with DigiCert. In an era dominated by the Internet of Things and an expanding attack surface due to pervasive connectivity, there is a pressing need for scalable and automated solutions. DT’s partnership with DigiCert addresses this need, providing accessible platforms that can seamlessly manage identities across various applications and device instances, thereby enriching DT’s portfolio with crucial functionalities for the future.

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