Spectrum Education Grants: $1M from Charter Communications 2024 Pledge

Charter Communications, operating under the Spectrum brand, has announced a $1 million commitment to Spectrum Digital Education for 2024, marking a total investment of $10 million since 2017. Spectrum Digital Education provides grants to nonprofit organizations aiming to enhance connectivity tools, education, and resources in Spectrum-served communities. Applications for grants can be submitted from June 5 at 9 a.m. ET to June 26 at 5 p.m. ET via the Spectrum Digital Education grants page.

These grants support diverse initiatives across Charter’s 41-state service area, including digital skills training for seniors, professional advancement for adults, and educational technology for students. Since its inception, Spectrum Digital Education has awarded 261 grants to 143 organizations, benefiting over 163,000 community members with 18,500+ laptops and sponsoring 40,000+ digital education classes.

Rhonda Crichlow, Senior Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer at Charter Communications, emphasized, “Spectrum Digital Education equips communities with essential connectivity services and skills.” Collaborating with nonprofits, Charter aims to empower families, seniors, and individuals by bridging the digital divide.

Noteworthy beneficiaries include Central Community House in Ohio, receiving $75,000 for senior digital education, STEM Alliance in New York with a $20,000 grant for its “Digital Navigator” program, and Latinitas in Texas, which received $34,000 for bilingual digital literacy programs like “Padres Digitales.”

Gabriela Kane Guardia, Executive Director of Latinitas, highlighted, “‘Padres Digitales’ has empowered community members to effectively utilize technology for various tasks, from communication to resume-building.” Spectrum Digital Education continues to expand these impactful programs, fostering technology proficiency and community empowerment nationwide.

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