Swiss AI Platform: AI Made in Switzerland

Swisscom has launched the Swiss AI Platform, a robust infrastructure designed to foster the development of reliable AI applications. This modular platform guarantees data storage in Switzerland and will offer customers flexible access to NVIDIA supercomputers starting autumn 2024. It includes generative AI services, an AI Work Hub for solution development, and a model library, aiming to serve as a comprehensive AI solutions hub from consultation to operation.

Earlier this year, Swisscom announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to develop AI supercomputers in Switzerland, enhancing their capability to offer standardized AI applications and customized solutions. The Swiss AI Platform is the culmination of this effort, ensuring secure operations on cutting-edge infrastructure within Switzerland.

Key components of the Swiss AI Platform include:

  • Modular Design: Customers can tailor their AI infrastructure and services by selecting and combining components to meet specific needs.
  • GPU Rental: Access to Switzerland’s first NVIDIA SuperPOD system for data-intensive tasks like model training and fine-tuning.
  • GenAI Studio: Provides API-based generative AI services for creating customized AI solutions.
  • AI Work Hub: Supports collaborative development for data scientists working with large datasets and model training.
  • Model Catalogue: Offers a curated collection of open-source and proprietary models developed in collaboration with third parties.

Swisscom aims to become a preferred one-stop shop for AI solutions, emphasizing Swiss-made security and flexibility. Customers can choose between the Swiss AI Platform, global public cloud infrastructure, or integrated AI solutions in standard software applications.

The partnership with NVIDIA bolsters Swisscom’s AI capabilities, ensuring compliance with Swiss data protection laws for sensitive data processing needs. This initiative establishes Swisscom as a unique center of excellence for AI, leveraging NVIDIA’s expertise and Swisscom’s 400 AI and data specialists to deliver tailored, technology-neutral solutions.

Urs Lehner, reflecting on the initiative, noted, “Understanding our customers’ needs is our priority, ensuring their AI projects are customized and secure with our powerful Swiss infrastructure—a solution crafted for the Swiss economy.”

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