Enhanced Security and Transparency in Cloud Services

Swisscom has introduced two new cloud security services aimed at safeguarding company and customer data. The first, Cloud Security Governance, ensures adherence to compliance regulations and continuously monitors security configurations across cloud resources. The second, Cloud Security Protection, identifies real-time security risks within cloud workloads and activates appropriate security measures. Both services are fully managed by Swisscom and can be seamlessly integrated with existing security solutions.

As more businesses transition their data and IT operations to the public cloud for increased flexibility, security concerns loom large. A recent survey revealed that 49% of top Swiss executives view cloud-based attacks as their primary worry (PwC Global Digital Trust Insights 2024). Swisscom’s Cyber Security Threat Radar further underscores these risks, highlighting threats like supply chain attacks injecting malicious code into AI models and increased vulnerabilities due to shortened IT development cycles.

In response, Swisscom’s Cloud Security Governance employs Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) to ensure all cloud resources adhere to updated compliance policies. This proactive approach guarantees that security configurations remain compliant and secure. Meanwhile, Cloud Security Protection focuses on detecting vulnerabilities in cloud workloads in real time, ensuring sensitive data such as customer information and financial data is protected. Integrated with Shift-Left-Security and DevSecOps practices, this solution provides comprehensive protection throughout the application lifecycle.

Both services are supported by a centralized Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP), offering unified visibility and rapid incident response capabilities across different infrastructures, including hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Swisscom’s extensive experience in managed security services ensures seamless integration with existing security frameworks, including connectivity to Security Operations Centers (SOC) and Threat Detection & Response services.

Cyrill Peter, Head of Swisscom Cyber Security Services, emphasized the critical role of these innovations amidst escalating cyber threats and complex IT landscapes. He highlighted, “Enhanced protection and transparency are crucial as cyberattacks rise, compliance regulations evolve, and hybrid IT infrastructures grow in complexity. Our dedicated team of cloud and security experts stands ready to implement these robust security solutions, safeguarding data in the cloud effectively.”

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