Pascal Desroches Speaking at 32nd Annual Deutsche Bank Conference

AT&T’s Commitment to Sustainable Growth and Connectivity Advancement

AT&T continues its steadfast progress towards sustainable, long-term growth, remaining steadfast on meeting its financial projections. The company’s dedication to delivering world-class 5G and fiber connectivity continues to drive healthy demand in the market.

As a leading investor in the United States, AT&T remains committed to fortifying essential, high-performance network infrastructure for both mobile and fiber networks. Anticipating a capital investment in the range of $21-22 billion for 2024, the company reinforces its commitment to building robust networks to support evolving connectivity demands.

Pascal Desroches, Chief Financial Officer of AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T), will address shareholders today at the 32nd Annual Deutsche Bank Media, Internet, and Telecom Conference. Key points expected to be covered include:

  1. Focus on Leading Connectivity: AT&T’s strategy of prioritizing top-tier connectivity continues to yield positive results. The company’s investment-led approach, established over three years ago, has fueled customer growth, enhanced returns, and facilitated further investments, bolstering overall business prospects.
  2. Sustainable Growth Model: AT&T’s straightforward and consistent market approach resonates well with customers, fostering a sustainable model for robust growth and efficient cash conversion.
  3. Building Durable Relationships: AT&T remains dedicated to nurturing enduring relationships with high-quality 5G and fiber customers, capitalizing on healthy yet stabilizing wireless industry trends.
  4. Fiber Expansion: The company’s ambitious fiber buildout remains on track, aiming to cover over 30 million customer and business locations by 2025. First-quarter projections anticipate around 250,000 net adds in the Consumer Wireline segment, surpassing initial expectations.
  5. Synergistic Advantage: Leveraging its extensive wireless and fiber networks, AT&T stands uniquely positioned to capitalize on converged subscriber growth, driving economic benefits across both segments.
  6. Diverse Connectivity Toolkit: AT&T’s connectivity offerings, including 5G, fiber, and AT&T Internet Air, cater to diverse consumer needs, with the latter now accessible in parts of 95 locations.
  7. Financial Outlook: Reiterating confidence in meeting financial guidance outlined in its January 2024 earnings report, AT&T remains committed to driving incremental efficiencies and reducing net debt, aiming for a sustainable cash flow trajectory.
  8. Investment in Connectivity: AT&T is committed to enhancing America’s connectivity landscape, boasting the largest wireless network in North America and the nation’s leading fiber provider. Critical investments in wireless and fiber infrastructure, including the transition to Open Radio Access Networks, underscore the company’s dedication to future-proof connectivity solutions.
  9. Long-Term Investment Commitment: Over the past five years, AT&T has invested over $145 billion in its wireless and wireline networks, reflecting its steadfast commitment to driving technological innovation and meeting evolving consumer demands.

Through its strategic investments and unwavering focus on connectivity excellence, AT&T remains at the forefront of shaping America’s digital future, poised to deliver sustainable growth and enhanced network performance for years to come.

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