BT Group Launches First Public EV Charger from Converted Green Cabinet

BT Group has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative by installing its inaugural electric vehicle (EV) charge point, powered directly from a street cabinet. This milestone marks the onset of trials that could potentially revolutionize street cabinet units across the UK. The charger, drawing power from a BT Group-owned cabinet traditionally designated for broadband and phone cabling, is part of a nationwide pilot spearheaded by the company’s start-up incubation hub, Etc. The primary objective is to address the deficiency in public EV charging infrastructure.

Located in East Lothian, Scotland, the first charger serves local residents, who can avail themselves of free charging until May 31st as part of the pilot program. Following this initial phase, the pilot will shift focus to West Yorkshire, with aspirations to expand to 600 trial sites nationwide. EV drivers can seamlessly utilize the charge point by downloading the trial app from either the App Store or Google Play Store.

The app, collaboratively developed by the Etc. team and EV drivers, encompasses features prioritized by users. These include comprehensive visibility of EV chargers across the UK, real-time information on pricing, availability, and charging speed, as well as the capability to initiate, cease, and monitor charge sessions through the app. Additionally, users can filter charging options based on connector type, kW speed, and charging network.

The app facilitates live updates on battery levels, estimates smart costs and charge times, and grants access to charging history. Throughout the pilots, Etc. at BT Group will scrutinize various aspects, spanning from the digital customer experience to engineering and technology choices, planning and local engagement, as well as operational and commercial strategies.

In Scotland, where Zapmap data reveals a mere 5,052 public EV chargers, Etc. has identified approximately 4,800 street cabinets ripe for potential upgrade to meet escalating demand.

Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Secretary for Transport at Scottish Government, expressed enthusiasm for this innovative development, emphasizing its significance in advancing electric vehicle charging provision. She lauded the collaboration, anticipating more such partnerships to promote sustainable transport choices in Scotland.

Norman Hampshire, East Lothian Council Leader, commended the collaboration with BT Group, highlighting the council’s commitment to supporting innovative vehicle charging solutions. He underscored the importance of making chargers accessible while aligning with the council’s goals of reducing emissions and promoting sustainable travel.

Tom Guy, Managing Director of Etc., BT Group, stressed the urgency of addressing barriers to EV adoption, citing research indicating that the lack of convenient charging infrastructure remains a significant deterrent for potential EV buyers. He emphasized the imperative of leveraging existing infrastructure to expedite innovation, affirming BT Group’s dedication to collaborating with local councils to facilitate the transition to electrification in the UK.

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