ZTE & True: Advancing Greener, Powerful 5G

ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a renowned global provider of information and communication technology solutions, has forged a partnership with True Corporation, a leading Thai telecom-tech company, to introduce an advanced digital network in Thailand. This strategic alliance aims to elevate the nation’s telecommunications infrastructure, aligning with their strategic vision of a ‘Customer-Centric Single Grid Network.’

With the escalating demand for top-tier network infrastructure, True Corporation is committed to integrating 5G and cutting-edge digital technologies to elevate network standards. This collaboration with ZTE underscores True Corporation’s dedication to meeting the burgeoning demands of tourists and fostering sustainable industry growth.

In light of the rapid deployment of 5G in Thailand, which has led to increased energy consumption and limited tower space for operators, True Corporation has joined forces with ZTE to introduce groundbreaking solutions. This includes the industry-leading 12TR Ultra-broadband Radio (UBR) equipment and AI-powered energy-saving (PowerPilot) solution. These innovations have significantly enhanced the efficiency of the True5G network, reducing the number of modules per base station by 83% and equipment weight by 60%. This translates to a higher-performing and superior quality network for the public.

The collaborative efforts between True and ZTE are estimated to yield substantial energy savings of approximately 3,820 kWh per site annually, along with a reduction in carbon footprint of 1,910 kg, thanks to the innovative 12TR UBR and PowerPilot solution. These achievements underscore the positive impact of the ‘Customer-Centric Single Grid Network’ strategy in fostering a more sustainable lifestyle for the Thai population and promoting greener infrastructure for Thai society.

This collaboration signifies a significant step towards a digital and intelligent future for both True and ZTE, unlocking new growth opportunities for Thailand’s tourism and associated industries. This robust partnership reinforces True Corporation’s commitment to achieving its network and environmental objectives, positioning it as a frontrunner in the Thai telecommunications landscape by delivering premium services and driving regional economic progress.

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