Comcast Amps Up Xfinity Internet Speeds for Millions

Today, Xfinity Internet customers are waking up to enhanced speeds at no extra cost, catering to the escalating demand for data in interconnected households. Xfinity aims to provide a reliable network and service for customers to seamlessly stream, surf, and share both now and in the future.

Emily Waldorf, Senior Vice President of Consumer Internet Services at Comcast, highlighted the surge in Internet consumption driven by live sports streaming, gaming, and data-rich applications. Recognizing the potential expiration of funding for the Affordable Connectivity Program, Xfinity has intensified efforts to elevate speeds, ensuring customers can fully leverage new capabilities.

Effective immediately, both new and existing customers can benefit from increased speeds across various plans:

  • Connect: 75 Mbps to 150 Mbps
  • Connect More: 200 Mbps to 300 Mbps
  • Fast: 400 Mbps to 500 Mbps
  • Xfinity Prepaid: 50 Mbps to 200 Mbps

These speed enhancements underscore Xfinity’s commitment to meeting present and future customer needs. Enabled by Comcast’s fiber-based network, which has seen over $20 billion in investments since 2018, these improvements are a result of years of research and technological breakthroughs.

Beyond speed, Xfinity offers a comprehensive connectivity experience, combining a robust network with advanced hardware and software for various consumer benefits:

  1. Reliability: Xfinity boasts greater than 99 percent reliability, using artificial intelligence to proactively address issues before affecting customers.
  2. Digital Security: xFi Advanced Security, included for Xfinity gateway lessees, protects devices from malware, preventing over 10 billion cyber threats since its launch.
  3. Next-Level Experience: Next-gen Xfinity gateways support advanced WiFi capacity, powering numerous devices in homes and over a billion annually across Comcast’s network.

Later this year, Comcast plans to introduce the XB10, the first gateway incorporating unified DOCSIS 4.0, WiFi 7, and AI technologies, capable of delivering symmetrical multi-gig speeds over WiFi and connecting up to 300 devices.

For areas with hard-to-reach WiFi coverage, Xfinity offers WiFi Boost Pods, and the latest WiFi extender, Storm-Ready WiFi, ensures a robust connection even during power outages.

In response to the potential end of the Affordable Connectivity Program in April, Xfinity is rolling out these speed increases to ensure affected individuals maintain access to fast, affordable, and reliable Internet options. ACP participants, existing or new to Xfinity, can explore promotional offers by calling 1-800-Xfinity. Additionally, Xfinity customers benefiting from ACP can enroll in Internet Essentials for as low as $9.95 a month or Internet Essentials Plus, doubling the speed for $29.95 per month, both with no credit checks or cancellation fees and inclusive of equipment.

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