Comcast Launches NOW: Prepaid Internet & Mobile Nationwide

Introducing NOW Internet and NOW Mobile, the latest offerings from Comcast designed to provide Americans with accessible, dependable pay-as-you-go connectivity solutions. Both services leverage the robust Xfinity network and the most dependable 5G technology, ensuring nationwide coverage where Comcast operates. Signing up, pausing, or canceling subscriptions is effortless, whether online, through the Xfinity app, or by visiting an Xfinity Store. With transparent monthly pricing, no contractual obligations, or credit checks, NOW products empower customers with adaptable connectivity options.

NOW: Simple, Reliable, Affordable

NOW represents a straightforward, dependable, and budget-friendly approach for individuals to access Internet and Mobile services on their own terms. Bill Connors, President of Connectivity and Platforms at Comcast, remarks, “Our trials have demonstrated the demand for an improved prepaid product offering consistent and reliable connectivity, and we’re thrilled to introduce innovative choices to this market.”

Dependable Internet Connectivity

NOW Internet ensures a consistently reliable connection at a competitive price point compared to 5G home Internet options from cellular providers. Supported by the nation’s largest landline network boasting over 99 percent reliability, the service utilizes AI to preemptively detect and resolve disruptions before users encounter them. Additionally, stringent security and privacy measures are integral components of NOW Internet.

Affordable Mobile Solutions

Recognizing that the majority of smartphone data traffic relies on WiFi rather than cellular networks, NOW Mobile capitalizes on WiFi connectivity to enhance the mobile experience. Setting itself apart from existing prepaid providers, NOW Mobile leverages over 23 million hotspots across the nation, a pioneering feature in the prepaid market. This innovative approach, coupled with competitive pricing, ensures a superior mobile experience for Xfinity Internet and NOW Internet subscribers.

Unmatched Flexibility

NOW offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing customers to easily manage their Internet, mobile, and TV services online or via the Xfinity app. Additionally, NOW products are conveniently available for purchase at any Xfinity store nationwide. NOW Internet and NOW Mobile complement existing offerings like NOW TV and NOW WiFi Pass, enriching Comcast’s portfolio of connectivity and entertainment solutions.

The NOW Portfolio

NOW Internet: Choose from 100 Mbps for $30 per month or 200 Mbps for $45 per month, inclusive of unlimited data and an Xfinity gateway. NOW Mobile: Bundle NOW Mobile with Xfinity or NOW Internet to access one of the most affordable unlimited plans, starting at $55 per month for bundled services, with additional mobile lines available for $25 per month each. NOW TV: Enjoy a $20 streaming package featuring over 40 live channels, numerous integrated FAST channels, and Peacock Premium, easily accessible through the Xfinity Stream app. NOW WiFi Pass: Access unlimited high-speed Xfinity WiFi hotspots for less than a dollar a day at $20 for 30 days, with no cancellation fees or equipment requirements. A New Option for Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) Participants

As the Affordable Connectivity Program nears its conclusion, millions of individuals will seek alternative cost-effective connectivity solutions. NOW Internet and Mobile offer reliable connectivity irrespective of ACP enrollment, complementing Comcast’s existing low-income broadband adoption options, Internet Essentials and Internet Essentials Plus, and Xfinity’s current suite of services.

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