Comporium Expands Multi-Gigabit Broadband in York County Homes

In a significant stride towards enhanced connectivity, Comporium has expanded its fiber-based multi-Gigabit services to 186 homes and businesses nestled in two rural areas of western York County. Over the past months, the telecommunications company diligently extended its fiber optic network to cater to the Timbers neighborhood of York and addresses along Bate Harvey Rd. in Clover. This ambitious endeavor entailed the construction of over 8 miles of fiber optic infrastructure, poised to revolutionize internet access for the local populace.

With this infrastructural enhancement, customers in these areas now have the privilege of accessing internet speeds of up to five Gigabits per second, marking a substantial leap forward in connectivity capabilities. The completion of these projects was made possible through an investment of nearly $778,000, reflecting Comporium’s commitment to enriching the lives of communities it serves. Leveraging a combination of its own resources and state-issued funds from the American Rescue Plan Act, Comporium executed this project meticulously, ensuring maximum outreach with its cutting-edge network.

Matthew Dosch, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Comporium, expressed gratitude for the ongoing partnership with the South Carolina Broadband Office, emphasizing the pivotal role it played in extending services to these remote addresses. Dosch highlighted that by integrating these addresses into their fiber optic network, Comporium can deliver its fastest internet speeds, boasting offerings of up to two and five Gigabits per second.

The commitment to bridging the digital divide doesn’t end here for Comporium. Collaborating closely with state and federal agencies, the company remains steadfast in its quest to elevate service standards for rural customers. Recent upgrades, made possible through initiatives like the American Rescue Plan Act and Rural Broadband grants, underscore Comporium’s dedication to innovation and inclusivity. These efforts, facilitated by funding from the South Carolina Department of Commerce and administered by the South Carolina Broadband Office, reinforce the company’s unwavering commitment to enhancing connectivity for all.

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