DNA Plc Automates New Data Centers with Juniper Networks ® and NEC

  • Juniper Networks ®( NYSE JNPR), a leader in secure, AI- driven networks, and NEC Corporation( NEC; TSE 6701), a leading global IT and network metamorphosis services provider, moment blazoned that DNA, part of Telenor Group and one of Finland’s leading mobile and fixed dispatches service providers, has stationed an intent- grounded networking data center fabric grounded on Juniper’s innovative robotization software plus high- performance tackle and exercising NEC’s advanced systems integration moxie. DNA’s new data center structure provides a unified platform for both its business-to-business client services and internal IT services. also, Juniper Networks ™ QFX Series Switches were chosen to power DNA’s Telco Cloud spots across Finland. The overall ideal for DNA’s data center structure refresh is to enable new profit-generating services whilst delivering functional edge, together leading to enhanced stoner gests . By automating the data center network, DNA can exclude mortal error, optimize its specialized platoon’s workload to concentrate on service creation and simplify first- class service delivery at scale. QFX switches enable low quiescence networking with high trustability and capacity, the crucial conditions for delivering colorful services to mobile druggies who are looking for high- performance network quality. Juniper Apstra System Intent- grounded Networking DNA has named the Juniper Apstra result as the data center structure’s foundation unique, intent- grounded networking software that simplifies, automates and validates data center design, planning and operations, from Day 0 to Day 2.
    Apstra is a turnkeymulti-vendor robotization result( both tackle- and zilches- agnostic), that provides DNA with a unified, real- time view of millions of data center rudiments, plus their dynamic performance, connections and interdependencies.
    Apstra’s capabilities bring dexterity and further trustability to DNA’s network design, make, and operations. The entire network operation operations will be streamlined, and IT brigades will be suitable to concentrate more on other precedences.
    With Apstra, DNA can produce a set of templates for its data center network based on its asked intent and needed business issues. Apstra automatically converts this intent into the network configurations and programs necessary to constantly achieve DNA’s defined issues.
    The Apstra-enabled network undergoes nonstop, unrestricted- circle assurance and tone- tone-confirmation to ensure compliance with the declared intent from the design.
    Using the functional, real-time analytics it constantly generates, Apstra is also suitable to deliver much briskly and largely-accurate root- cause analysis of network issues and mitigation data, helping DNA to maximize its data center and services uptime.
    DNA also stationed Juniper Networks QFX Series Switches across its new data center fabric. The QFX Series complements Apstra in DNA’s network by delivering assiduity- leading trustability, performance and scalability.
    NEC is the strategic mate for DNA, furnishing-integration consultancy and confirmation as well as ultra-expensive position support for Juniper’s result, using its expert support platoon of pukka masterminds.
    Supporting Quotes “ DNA has always been an inventor, using the stylish technology available to give new services and better gests for our guests. Because Finnish businesses are completely committed to digital metamorphosis, and their prospects of our service trustability and quality are extremely high, we knew that we had to up our game in the data center by planting state-of-the-art robotization and networking technology. By working with Juniper and NEC, DNA is suitable to deliver those first-class stoner gests and maintain our character. ”
  • Pekka Jääskeläinen, Vice President, Core & IP Networks, DNA Plc “ As a long-standing mate to the Telenor Group, NEC is recognized to help DNA drive advanced effectiveness, dexterity, and vacuity of its data center network with automated results alongside our strategic mate Juniper. Grounded on our wealth of multi-vendor,multi-domain network systems integration capability and stylish- of- strain ecosystem, handed by NEC’s Center of Excellence( CoE), we will continue delivering transformative networking results and services that overcome adding business challenges and keep our guests ahead of the wind. ”
  • Masayuki Kayahara, General Manager, Service Provider Results Department, NEC “ Apstra helps tode-risk data center networking significantly but also streamlines the functional outflow, making life much easier for pressured drivers. robotization drives down the total cost of power in DNA’s data centers and frees up gift, all the while enabling it to open up rich new profit aqueducts via services which can be taken to request snappily and further reliably. ”

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