Europe Fibercos & Towercos Market 2024: 5G & Fiber Network Strategies

Market Dynamics and Opportunities in Europe” is a newly released Telecom Insider Report offering a high-level overview of the current state, developments, and strategies within the fiberco and towerco sectors, particularly in the context of 5G and fiber network deployments across Europe.

The report emphasizes the catalysts driving the emergence and expansion of towercos and fibercos in Europe, providing insights into key operational models within the region. It delves into recent developments and regional trends within the towerco/fiberco landscape, while also furnishing recommendations and future growth strategies for various types of towercos/fibercos, such as pure-play and telco-led entities.

Analyzing pivotal themes and market trajectories, the report equips fibercos, towercos, telcos, and ICT vendors with best practices pertinent to the fiberco and towerco market. Telcos gain valuable insights into pivotal factors and considerations when contemplating entry into the market, including asset spin-offs or full-scale asset sales to existing fibercos/towercos.

Furthermore, the report scrutinizes strategies employed by fibercos and towercos to monetize assets, reduce capital expenditure, and support the deployment of 5G and fiber networks. It also profiles key players within the fibercos and towercos sphere, outlining their evolution and growth strategies. Case studies of selected fibercos and towercos, both telco-related and pure-play, offer contextual insights into their establishment, scalability, and growth trajectory, serving as valuable benchmarks for other industry players.

The report’s structure comprises four sections:

  1. Fibercos & Towercos Key Models, Drivers, and Market Trends in Europe: This section provides a concise overview of different fibercos and towercos models in Europe, elucidating primary drivers behind their establishment and regional trends.
  2. Fibercos & Towercos Latest Developments in Europe: Offering insights into the latest developments within the N3fiberco and towerco market, this section covers significant events such as asset splits, mergers and acquisitions (M&As), joint ventures, initial public offerings (IPOs), and new market entrants.
  3. Case Studies: Examining three prominent fibercos and towercos, this section offers detailed insights into their origins, expansion strategies, and growth trajectories, serving as valuable learning material for industry stakeholders.
  4. Key Takeaways and Recommendations: Concluding the report, this section presents a summary of key insights and recommendations for fibercos, towercos, telcos, ISPs, and other relevant players, alongside anticipated market opportunities and growth directions.

Key themes covered include:

  • The shift from expansion strategies to organic growth amid increasing consolidation.
  • Heightened focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, including efforts to reduce carbon emissions.
  • The attraction of European markets to international players, leading to increased market competition.
  • Major operations acquiring existing networks in rural areas to bolster rollout efforts and enhance service offerings.

Reasons to invest in the report include:

  • Comprehensive understanding of fibercos and towercos models and drivers in Europe.
  • Insight into strategies and investments adopted by industry players to maintain competitiveness amidst market densification and technological advancements.
  • Overview of current and future growth opportunities within the fibercos and towercos space.
  • Guidance for crafting tailored strategies and policies to leverage opportunities in asset monetization, broadband coverage enhancement, technology deployment, and expansion into emerging areas like edge computing and IoT.

The report features mentions of various industry players, including Abertis, Cellnex, CityFibre, and Vodafone, among others, highlighting their roles and contributions within the European fibercos and towercos landscape.

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