Horizon3.ai Appoints Torie Runzel as Vice President of People

A leading provider of independent security results, moment blazoned that Torie Runzel has joined as Vice President of People, effective incontinently.
Runzel brings expansive experience in developing both strong and successful brigades through the structures, culture, and programs that attract top gift. She joinsHorizon3.ai at a time of high growth, fueled by its advance position as the first company to deliver a completely independent penetration testing result to associations worldwide. NodeZero ™ enables IT, cybersecurity, and MSSP pros to continuously reduce security threat. Using NodeZero, associations find their exploitable sins, admit detailed guidance about how to prioritize and fix the discovered issues, and corroborate that their fixes are effective.

As VP of People, Torie will concentrate on enforcing strategic HR enterprise to set the functional foundation for growth and make a culture that attracts, retains, and develops top gift. She ’ll focus on systems and practices for reclamation, platoon alignment, professional and organizational development, performance operation, and total prices, having preliminarily guided startups successfully through analogous invention and high- growth cycles. Torie brings strategic leadership and a hands- on approach to people operations that will play a pivotal part in shaping the company’s culture and icing achievement of its ambitious growth objects. Further, with her experience driving diversity and addition, she’ll lead sweats to produce a positive and inclusive plant that reflectsHorizon3.ai’s commitment to excellence and occasion.

“Horizon3.ai’s continued rapid-fire growth depends on attracting the assiduity’s stylish gift and supporting them to do their stylish work, ” Runzel said.” My platoon and I’ll support our administrative platoon in reaching and sustaining their loftiest precedences, with the right gift and culture to drive moment’s growth and setting a high bar for excellence moving forward. I am recognized and excited to joinHorizon3.ai at this time, erecting on the exceptional product and platoon of talented individualities across engineering, deals, marketing, and operations, in order to further accelerate our pace of growth and request expansion. ”

CEO andCo-founder Snehal Antani said, “ Torie is accepting a strategic and demanding functional part, at which she’s unequaled . She’s a strong and essential addition to the leadership platoon. And after raising$ 40M in our Series C in August 2023, demand for NodeZero is growing at exponential rates. Now is the time to further expand our brigades worldwide and we’re looking for Torie’s leadership to do just that. As other players in the security space are denting, we’re expanding our brigades across the board. Torie’s superpower is helping insure our culture remains a competitive advantage, especially as we gauge . ”

“ Associations espousing NodeZero now see their enterprise through the eyes of their would- be bushwhackers, and are proactively closing the security gaps thatcyber-criminals would else exploit to execute ransomware attacks and other juggernauts, ” Antani continued. “ Foundational to our success isHorizon3.ai’s groundbreaking ‘ humans by exception ’ approach that uncovers eyeless spots in any association’s security posture that goes further known and patchable vulnerabilities, similar as fluently compromised credentials, exposed data, misconfigurations, poor security controls, and weak programs. Our coming stage ofHorizon3.ai’s ‘ humans by exception ’ invention will depend on the successful reclamation, engagement and retention of exceptional humans, and we’re pleased to drink Torie. ”

Torie added, “ At a growing and fast changing incipiency, it’s essential to cultivate a platoon that can perform in frequently nebulous and ever evolving surroundings, constantly stretching to meet the requirements of the association. In this coming period of growth forHorizon3.ai, we ’ll be concentrated on retaining for and developing chops internally to stay aligned and get to issues snappily. That is what we’ve to be ray concentrated on as a fleetly scaling business. ”

The appointment continues Runzel’s part in guiding crucial growth aspects for companies with results that are astronomically espoused by Fortune 1000 associations and targeted sectors. She was most lately VP of People with Divvy Homes, where she erected a performance- driven culture and the systems supporting it, spanning out a platoon of 100 to over 325, and precisely aligning gift and objects. Prior to that, she was Head of People Operations and Chief of Staff at fintech start- up Bolt Financial, leading the advancement and overhaul of reclamation, evaluation, compensation and professional development. She has also served as Chief Operating Officer at CoLane Logistics, where she fulfilled vital mortal coffers, operations, legal and deals functions.

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