INWIT Introduces 5G-Ready Infrastructure in Over 10 Italian Universities

Digital universities are rapidly advancing, equipped with innovative tools that better prepare students for the workforce. INWIT, Italy’s leading tower operator, has implemented DAS (Distributed Antenna System) technology infrastructure in over 10 Italian universities. This system enables mobile network connections, including 5G, accessible to all operators via dedicated multi-operator DAS coverage for indoor areas.

Both private and public universities have adopted this technology, with a higher concentration in central and southern Italy. In the north, connected structures are found in Lombardy, while in central Italy they are primarily in Lazio and Marche. In the south, the most digitized universities are mainly in Sicily and Calabria.

The DAS consists of discreet 5G-ready micro-antennas that seamlessly integrate with buildings, including those with significant architectural value. This setup creates an efficient, fast, and high-performing network that serves all mobile operators, functioning as a neutral host.

This infrastructure supports students, teachers, and university staff by streamlining processes and reducing bureaucracy. Additionally, the stable and efficient signal facilitates the development of IoT (Internet of Things), paving the way for future-oriented education.

Universities already equipped with these systems include the lecture rooms and laboratories of the Engineering Departments at Federico II University’s San Giovanni a Teduccio Campus in Naples, and the four teaching facilities of Luiss Guido Carli University in Rome.

“We continue to work on enabling digitization within universities across Italy with cutting-edge infrastructure. Our system of micro-antennas provides multi-operator connectivity, offering increasingly innovative and high-performing services to students and teaching staff,” commented Lucio Golinelli, INWIT’s Commercial Department Director.

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