IB Digital Awards Cellnex Contract to Upgrade Balearic Islands Security Network

The Balearic Agency for Digitalization, Cybersecurity, and Telecommunications (IB Digital), in collaboration with SAMPOL and Tradia—a Cellnex Group company—has formalized a contract for the supply, installation, commissioning, and updating of TETRA stations for the Balearic Islands’ security and emergencies network.

This four-year contract, valued at nearly EUR 7 million, was awarded through a public tender to a Temporary Joint Venture (JV) formed by SAMPOL and Tradia. Since 2013, this JV has been responsible for operating and maintaining the security and emergency network. With the new contract, they will also install new base stations (TBS) to enhance coverage for user fleets including the Local Police, Civil Protection, Medical Care Service, and Firefighters, among others.

Jose Valero Romero, Commercial Developer at Cellnex Spain, emphasized the significance of IB Digital’s continued trust in Cellnex for operating the Balearic Islands’ security and emergency networks. He highlighted the added responsibility of installing new equipment, noting that these networks require a very high level of continuity. This is achievable thanks to the exceptional team of Cellnex professionals in Spain and the extensive infrastructure deployed both on the peninsula and the islands.

Miguel Cardona Pons, Managing Director of IB Digital, emphasized the critical nature of the TETRA station service, which provides secure, 24/7 communications to public administration personnel responsible for security and emergency response in the Balearic Islands. This capability is vital for ensuring rapid responses in emergency situations.

Cellnex has extensive experience managing safety and emergency communications networks and services. Its mobile radio systems, which include over 1,300 base stations, serve more than 98,000 users across Spain, including police officers, firefighters, forest rangers, and healthcare personnel. Among its notable contracts is a recently renewed agreement with Salvamento Marítimo (Maritime Rescue) to provide radio communications service through its Network of Coastal Stations. This network ensures continuous listening 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, over a responsibility area of 1.5 million km².

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