Mavenir Achieves Narrowband IoT Connectivity on Ligado SkyTerra Satellite Network

Mavenir, the innovative Network Software Provider shaping the future of networks, has announced the successful completion of a mobile data call in collaboration with Ligado Networks, a leading Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) provider in North America. The achievement involved a 3GPP Rel.17 Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) data connection, utilizing the robust Ligado SkyTerra satellite network.

Utilizing a cloud-native NB-IoT Radio Access Network (RAN) solution, the Mavenir NTN service platform seamlessly integrated with Ligado’s Ground-Based Beam Former (GBBF) via a digital interface. This integration delivered an adaptable, highly directional connection to specific user equipment (UE) on the ground through the satellite link. The successful demonstration showcased a UE connected to the satellite beam on a narrow 200kHz carrier within the 3GPP-standardized band n255, which is the L-band spectrum designated and fully licensed for MSS operations.

The adoption of 3GPP-compliant NTN technology facilitates satellite networks to support devices using mainstream, cost-effective chipsets that can also operate on terrestrial IoT networks. This breakthrough demonstration signifies a significant step towards achieving seamless integration of satellite technology with the future mobile networks. This integration will extend coverage to remote regions and challenging geographies while supporting various innovative IoT applications, including vehicle diagnostics, environmental monitoring, first responder connectivity, and smart metering.

Sachin Chhibber, Chief Technology Officer at Ligado Networks, emphasized, “The Ligado satellite network leverages a bent-pipe architecture, allowing for rapid development and deployment of NTN services. This milestone with Mavenir highlights our ability to adapt swiftly to support NTN technologies, bridging the gap between terrestrial and satellite communications.”

BG Kumar, President of Access Networks, Platforms, and Digital Enablement at Mavenir, expressed pride in the achievement, stating, “This is a remarkable accomplishment for Mavenir in the NTN domain, thanks to our world-class engineering team. We are committed to providing top-tier solutions and support to help satellite operators realize their future-driven connectivity goals. Next-generation NTN networks will connect remote and rural areas with advanced communication services, fostering economic and social development and enabling new applications that empower various industries to innovate and grow. We are proud to play a defining role in delivering that connected future.”

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