Visible Wireless Marks Singles Awareness Day with Maren Morris Cover of Billy Idol’s ‘Dancing with Myself

Today, Visible Wireless, the digital wireless carrier owned by Verizon, has launched its 3rd annual Singles Awareness Day campaign aimed at reshaping societal perspectives on celebrating single individuals. As the exclusive wireless carrier providing “family plan savings” for single-line users, Visible has collaborated with the renowned artist Maren Morris to embrace singlehood through a reinterpretation of Billy Idol’s iconic hit, “Dancing with Myself.”

Visible stands out with its straightforward and transparent plans that offer freedom without tying users to long-term commitments. The campaign celebrates the freedom and empowerment that Visible brings to single-line users, encouraging independence in their lives and transparency in their wireless plans.

Maren Morris expressed her enthusiasm about partnering with Visible, highlighting the company’s commitment to self-empowerment and mobile plan independence. She shared her excitement about recording and filming the music video for her cover of “Dancing with Myself” and hopes fans can enjoy dancing along while embracing their emotions.

The creative initiative, conceived and executed by Madwell, features Maren Morris showcasing a remastered performance of “Dancing with Myself” at Grimey’s record store in Nashville. The video pays vibrant homage to the original, exuding infectious energy that captivates fans and delivers a powerful message of empowerment as Morris and Visible inspire singles – and everyone – to lead their best lives independently.

The “Dancing with Myself” campaign challenges the narrative surrounding singlehood, creating a positive and empowering anthem celebrating the joy of one’s own company. The new cover serves as a catalyst for discussions on the importance of connectivity for all, emphasizing connections beyond the traditional family structure.

Cheryl Gresham, CMO of Verizon Value, expressed Visible’s pride in embracing singlehood and fostering connectivity and savings tailored to customers’ lives with affordable one-line wireless. She noted that Maren Morris’s cover perfectly encapsulates the beauty and power that comes with being in control of one’s own life.

Columbia Records, approached by Visible with the Singles Awareness Day campaign, immediately thought of Maren Morris as a representative of female independence. Jennifer Frommer, SVP Partnerships & Commercial Sync at Columbia Records, praised Morris as a change maker and force to be reckoned with in both music and advocacy, expressing satisfaction with the project’s outcome.

The fully-integrated campaign is now available on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, while “Dancing with Myself (reimagined)” by Maren Morris can be streamed on Spotify and other platforms, aligning with Visible’s digital and accessible approach to wireless service.

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